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Arianna Huffington Spotted in Michaela Jedinak’s Ariana Dress

October 22, 2021 - October 22, 2021   

Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of Huffington Post has been spotted in Michaela Jedinak’s Ariana dress.

Spotted in a custom-made Ariana dress at the School of Life, the Huffington Post president wore her Michaela Jedinak design while speaking at the packed out event on Wednesday evening (4th June).


Arianna requested a Michaela Jedinak design after spotting designer herself, Michaela in a one-off monochrome take on the classic Ariana Dress, while at an exclusive event on Monday 26th May. Michaela met with Arianna after the event where she spoke and expressed admiration for Michaela’s 60s inspired shift dress, Michaela then contacted The Fashion Studio straight from the event to place an order for 2 custom-made dresses; the dresses were ready within 2 days and then spotted on Arianna a week later!


Michaela meeting Arianna 

The dresses were made by our talented team of machinists at The Fashion Studio with Michaela commenting, All this would not have been possible and happened if I hadn’t have had your amazing support, help and craftsmanship skills. I am still so ecstatic and so grateful to you all. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AMAZING.”

You can find more of Michaela’s amazing press features here: http://www.michaelajedinak.com/press.html

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