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Sun, celebrations and time to enjoy!


Celebrating Ethical Brand Directory 2nd birthday  

On the 19th July, CEO Jenny Holloway was a panellist at the Ethical Brand Directory which also commemorated a second year birthday party too. We are thrilled to see Founder and CEO Roberta Lee wearing our green silk maxi dress, Ophelia.  


Roberta commented, ‘The Green Ophelia Dress is just stunning – I felt like a goddess wearing it. Knowing who made my clothes and where they were made is empowering, I love the story behind clothes and Belles of London have a great narrative. ‘  

She also added ‘I love the Ophelia dress in green silk which can be dressed up or dressed down for a more boho vibe.  If like me you are petite, you’ll need heels to elevate the design feature at the back, if again like me you have curves and a tiny waist you can even add a belt.   

Providing ESOL for employees at Fashion Enter 

We genuinely care about our workforce and that’s why we are arranging free ESOL classes! Entry level, level 1 and 2 classes are starting in September.  

‘This is why I stay at Fashion Enter because they put us first. We went to the Zoo for the day and now we have free English lessons too. I love it!’ Anca Balascia, overlocker.  

On the 6th July, Fashion Enter invited all employees to have a relaxing day with families and friends at the London Zoo.  

Funding from the Clothworkers 

We are extremely thrilled to announce that The Clothworkers’ Foundation have provided the new Tailoring Academy with a grant of over £25k to purchase state of the art machines. The Foundation is a charity, which aims to improve the lives of people and communities, particularly those facing disadvantage, deprivation and/or discrimination. 

Link to Clothworkers: https://www.clothworkersfoundation.org.uk/ 

Jenny Holloway commented; “This is so appreciated. When you open any new centre there are always unforeseen issues and budgets become more and more squeezed. We can now buy machines that we really do require new entrants into the world of Tailoring to use and build excellent skills. Thank you again to The Clothworkers’ Foundation!” 

RETAILERS! Lean manufacturing or die  

Our FTA Executive Andres Ochoa Mikan is in Nottingham, visiting Colette Harrison QLS and Projects Manager at Skills and Education Group Awards.  We are launching a high-level Quality Licence Scheme seminar this September James Stewart and Kaizen.  Watch this space – places are strictly ten maximum and on a first come first serve basis.   

Travelling community visited our factory  

Everyone seems to talk about inclusivity in business these days but finding true examples are hard to find!  We deliver what we say and have forged close links with the Travellers’ Community

One of our students is Francie Casey who has been a great ambassador for the importance of skills. Listen to what Francie has to say! 

Yesterday we were delighted to welcome The Traveller Movement who reviewed our training facilities and the unique way we put the learner first! 

We’re now working on a new programme of short courses to inspire a future generation of designers, stitchers and pattern cutters! 

Visit to Downview prison 23/07/19 

Over the last year the FTA has been specialising in accredited short course with HMPS to Train the Sewing Trainers within the prison services.  This has been highly successful and now we are developing additional short courses too.  Yesterday our CEO went to Downview Prison for women  to review the possibilities of employing ex-offenders and offering apprenticeships 

Jenny commented. ‘I was so impressed with the group I met yesterday.  During the meeting I spoke to the group of women who had commented that it’s so easy to take the wrong path in life but, as I pointed out, the past is in the past.  People can move forward with the right skills.’   

FEL is going to now host an open day to allow the staff of Downview to review the facilities.  

Festival of Learning Wrap-up meeting at HALS (Haringey Adult Learning Service)  

One of the main aims of our social enterprise is to network and work with the community. Our FTA Operations Manager, Esme Tecle, is going to the Festival of Learning Wrap- up meeting at HALS  today at 3pm. 

‘We are an outstanding training provider because we deliver technical skills for industry. I am really looking forward to the next Festival and all the events and recommendations for the future! We welcome a variety of learners who would like to gain more knowledge in fashion production, and the constant search for improving learning experiences is vital to us.’ 

Learners viewing our live factory  
Our Senior Pattern Cutter lecturer Julia Burrows showing our learners how to create a half-pleated skirt.  

HALS Celebration of Achievement Awards on 18th July 2019 

Fashion Enter was invited to the HALS (Haringey Adult Learning Service) Celebration of Achievement Awards on 18th July 2019 at George Meeham House. The event was hosted by Simon Beer, Head of HALS who looked back at how the year has been. Awards were announced in ESOL and Wellbeing, Functional Skills, Career Development, Family Learning, Staff and Volunteers. 

Cllr Zena Brabazon – Deputy Leader Cabinet member for Children and Families said: ‘Adult Learning classes are for those who want to learn. I am pleased that Haringey is delivering more classed and hope that the GLA (Greater London Authority) will support to continue the delivery. It is about giving opportunity and invest in adults the best we can. Haringey council is committed to support and sustain adult learning achieving their goals. Never lose the drive to understand things!’ 

Thanks all! Enjoy the sun and until next time!   

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