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Looking Back to Go Forward


2023 at FEL in a Nutshell

Another year has flown by and as per usual Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) has been proactive across its varied departments; teaching, sharing, designing, printing, making, forming partnerships, and more. 

From on-site, micro factory development to partnering with Style3D and the United Repair Centre, it’s only on reflection the team can see what a busy year it has been.

To read the full article about our 2023 achievements tap here.

Successful factory tours and seminars

Heading into 2024…

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway said: “The FashionCapital article has really summarised all the great programmes at FEL’s has been involved in and there’s still more to come…

Repairs at FEL Haringey

2023 – The Toughest Trading Environment

“Without any shadow of doubt 23 has been the most difficult trading environment. I’ve literally been in the industry all my life and never seen so many closures of micros and SME’s, especially factories. This is truly tragic, when these factories close the skills are lost for ever.

“Then of course there’s been the Baroness Mone saga. This makes me seethe, and I was vocal in my utter dismay in January 23 when news first broke. 

Clearly the UK public now feel the same dismay when the profits of £60m are being released by MedPro – Mone’s husband’s company. On Sunday 17th December this made prime news on Sky and the BBC and I voiced my anger during the interview with Sky News from my home. We had to make redundancies this year – the first time ever!  If we had been awarded just 10% off the £203m PPE programme Mone had been given we could have saved those jobs. 

Jenny on Sky News

Tap here for more on the PPE story.

Meet FEL’s New Directors!

“On a more positive note – I’d like to welcome the new board members to Fashion-Enter Ltd:

Claire Solley, Beth Davy-Day, TJ Hussein and Jackie Bertram.

Beth commented: “After a rewarding 12-year journey at Fashion-Enter, I am thrilled and honoured to step into the role of Creative and Operations Director. My path at FEL started as a pattern cutter, evolving into a full-time design position and eventually leading to the prestigious role of Head of Creative. Along this transformative journey, I’ve collaborated with industry giants like Net-a-Porter, ASOS, TikTok, The Very Group, Community Clothing, Style3D, United Repair Centre and numerous start-ups.

My commitment extends beyond business, I have lead and participated in community and circularity projects with local councils in London, including Islington and Haringey. This experience has deepened my appreciation for the positive impact we can make on both a local and global scale.

“Embarking on my role as Creative and Operations Director at Fashion-Enter, I am excited about the shared journey with our fellow directors. Together, we aim to pioneer an ethical and sustainable future, not just for FEL, but for the entire fashion industry. Leveraging our collective expertise, fostering innovation, and setting new benchmarks for responsible practices are our goals. Our united commitment to positive change is the driving force behind our mission, and I am confident that, as a team, we will lead the way towards a more sustainable and conscientious fashion landscape.”

Claire said: “I am honoured to be embarking on the next chapter of my career at Fashion-Enter as Technical and Production Director. 

“Having started at FEL in August 2018 as Head of Patterns, my role has evolved over the years to include digital garment creation with Optitex 3D and Style3D as well as teaching courses, leading projects with Net-a-Porter’s Modern Artisan and managing the Fashion Studio. Last year I got the opportunity to continue my development at FEL becoming Head of Technical Development leading to this new and exciting role of Director. 

“I look forward to being a part of the future of FEL, working with the other directors to continue the good work the company has done so far and moving with the industry into an even more sustainable era, alongside the new digital opportunities that are arising. We are committed to making a positive change in the industry.”

Jackie added: “I am incredibly proud to be given the opportunity to be part of the leadership team at FEL. Since joining the business in 2022, I am amazed every day at the impact we have on people’s lives through our academies and also by making new and pioneering technologies available to all. 

“Credit to Jenny Holloway for her vision and tenacity! It’s not been an easy time as a UK garment maker but with great partnerships there is a world of opportunity ahead.”

Here are the new Directors having lunch with Jenny and Lord Young in the image below. Jenny said: I’m overjoyed to recognise each new Director. I’ve worked closely with each person and I admire them tremendously and I’m honoured to be working with them. We are one awesome team combined. Here’s to the future.

From left to right: Claire Solley, Lord Young of Norwood Green, TJ Hussein, Jackie Bertram, Beth Davy-Day & Jenny Holloway

Jenny continues: “Finally, I’d like to say thank-you to my son Zac for coming up with the Hope-FX programme which is dear to my heart and where I personally see my own future. Launched in September 23 Hope-FX is working with people with mental health issues to express their creativity through art and printed T-shirts and products.

Working with the young people on the Hope-FX project

“With my own life experiences, with my mom in particular, I have long thought that truly creative people can have be prone to adverse mental health issues. Design provides expression and the resulting T-shirts from the participants from the North London Mental Health Partnership have been outstanding!  

“In January we have arranged a photoshoot thanks to Norv and Josie at The Bureau! How exciting is that! We will be launching the T-shirts online plus there will be a celebration in our FC Designer Collective shop, 113-115 Fonthill Road, Islington. We also are liaising with a major online brand to sell the designs too! Fantastic! In 24 my personal ambition is to roll this programme out nationwide!” 

Christmas celebrations at FEL

To all staff, students, visitors, clients, partners and beyond, the FEL / FashionCapital team wish you a Happy Christmas and the very best for 2024!

Please note our closing dates are from Friday 22nd December re-opening 2nd January.

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