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Happy Earth Day!


Newsletter 22nd April 2020

Dear all,

Happy Earth Day!

Now in its 50th year Earth Day celebrates the beauty of nature and health of our one and only planet while highlighting the serious environmental issues caused by its 7.7 billion human inhabitants. As we face the daily worries of the current Covid-19 pandemic and a horrific loss of life one of the positives to come out of the situation is that pollution levels have fallen by 60%. Many of us in lockdown are feeling more connected to nature and it has been widely reported that our planet is healing a little. Surely this is a wake-up call to how we treat the planet and perhaps food for thought as to how we will travel, work and generally live in the future?

Fashion-Enter students and employees are encouraged to think about each and every form of waste and find ways to reduce and eliminate at every stage. As a UK based factory the company ethos centres on keeping production on home soil, minimizing unnecessary global shipping and maintaining a skilled production base for future generations. Tap here to read the full article.

PPE Production Continues

Each week our dedicated factory staff have been working around the clock on the PPE NHS scrubs and also the gowns plus medical snood orders that have been chemically coated for a third party client. As reported on the news more PPE is required to ensure NHS staff have enough over the coming months. PPE is a necessity and a right for each person working in hospitals, medical centres and in care units. Jenny and her team require more experienced machinists to help with these orders. If you are an experience machinist based in north London please contact: caroline@fashion-enter.com

View the NHS PPE production coverage in The Daily Mail.

Jenny Holloway commented: “I am immensely proud of each member of the team. They gave up their Easter Bank Holiday to ensure that the flow of production didn’t stop for the NHS and they have such great pride in their work and we hold the same great pride for our NHS keyworkers too. What we must ensure however that this current change in sourcing from the UK reverts back to off-shoring when the immediate crisis is over. The UK has always had a major garment manufacturing heritage and rightly so. We should all be proud to be part of the Made in the UK label.”

Join the Fashion Revolution

In conjunction with Fashion Revolution Week ‘Ethical Brands’ is hosting a week-long series of events. The week kicked off on Monday 20th April with our very own CEO of Fashion-Enter Jenny Holloway, along with panel host Georgina Wilson-Powell – Pebble Magazine and panellists Sarah Montgomery – Everledger, Adam Siegel – Endless Clothes and Jo Salter – Where Does it Come From.

The group opened the event to discuss many key questions such as; sustainability in fashion, why are changes taking so long, what are the challenges, is consumer demand changing supply, bringing down overconsumption and if Fashion Revolution Week is instrumental to change?

Jenny Holloway commented: “The panel discussion with Ethical Brands was a lively session and some great questions were asked from the participants too.

“What really came across is that even before Covid-19 it was a tough retail and etail environment for all brands but especially the small ethical brand that was struggling to get their voice heard. There are now opportunities and in some ways there is an even bigger kick back towards the “corporate homogeneous big brands” but when people are coping with anxiety, long shopping queues, a risk of redundancies – then buying clothes is reducing in importance.

“We are finding internally that the demand for our courses, short course for upcycling and repairs (after the lockdown) are on the increase and what can be more sustainable than that! Huge thank you to Jo Salter and guest speakers today for such an informative session. Have a great week ahead all.”

To find out what Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution are doing throughout the week click here.   

And to find out more about the Fashion Revolution campaign and the events that are taking place, visit www.fashionrevolution.org

Hands-On Apprenticeship Learning

This is Selvie, she is currently on an apprenticeship with Ralph & Russo / Fashion-Enter. Selvie came in this week to continue her apprenticeship and she was keen to learn about scrubs too. This is industry ready learning with a difference.

Meet Dulcima Wear and Tear Couture

Dulcima Wear and Tear Couture is an environmentally conscious, minimum-waste, womenswear brand that introduces a creative slant on the classic designs in fashion throughout history. It’s a fashion company with a playful and almost whimsical character on a mission to join the protest against throwaway fashion and modern disposable culture. Find out more about Dulcima and her label here.

Dulcima is also part of an acoustic pop group called ‘CoCo and the Butterfields’. She is the lead female vocalist and, throughout the bands history, has always stepped on stage in one of her own creations. Online gigs are no exception as she will be in a series of upcycled bustiers over the coming shows! To catch them online go to: www.cocoandthebutterfields.com/cocotv

A Smart Solution: MakTie

Mariusz Makowski, a construction engineer has applied his problem solving, innovative brain to fashion with his latest invention that holds a necktie firmly in place. MakTie is a tie implemented with a simple and smart solution to ensure the tie stays in position against the shirt. MakTie is a traditional tie with a specially-designed hole system that allows you to connect your tie to the line of shirt buttons. Your tie will always be on point and this subtle solution will maintain your traditional look. To find out more and view Mariusz’s clever design idea tap here.

Having Their Say – Wandsworth Youth Climate Commission

Taking place last February Fashion-Enter was delighted to engage with school children on the issue of climate change in relation to fashion. We discussed recycling, upcycling, make do and mend and clothes swapping as well as making informed choices when shopping – looking for quality rather than throw-away quantity. The day was recently summarised in this Wandsworth Youth Council newsletter.

Staff News…

Machinist Valentina has given birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl and has called her Nicole Stephany.

New Seminar: 10 Top Tips To Help You Stay Positive During Covid-19 with Eric Gilston

Eric comments: “With the current pandemic, we all have a choice of either feeling very negative and unhappy, or feeling very positive until this is all over. This two-hour seminar will provide those attending with at least 10 Top Tips of actions that they can take in order to keep them not only occupied, but filled with a positive mindset during these unprecedented time and into the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life. You won’t regret it.”

Eric will be joined by Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO Jenny Holloway for the third hour of the session. Jenny will talk about how the Covid-19 crisis has affected the creative industries and discuss how to sustain your business during these uncertain times.

Tap here to book your place on this free seminar.

Zoom Seminars Online

Trend Analysis with Lauren Morrison – 23rd April 2020

10 Top Tips To Help You Stay Positive During Covid-19 – 1st May 2020

The Design Cycle Series:

Part 3 Budgeting, Finance & IP – 30th April 2020

Part 4 How to Sell Your Brand – 6th May 2020


Online Pattern Cutting Course

We have teamed up with Telestia to offer you 34 lessons that will get your collection pattern ready. This course is perfect for at home online learning and you will be supported by a qualified tutor who is on hand to fully support you through this e-learning platform.

How To Sell Your Brand Feedback

Last Friday CEO Jenny Holloway and industry expert Jax Johnson paired up for an in-depth 3-hour session on How to Sell Your Brand.

Feedback included:

“The Finery case study was really interesting, as well as hearing about the speaker’s own experiences. I was familiar with all the social media strategies, but it was useful to review them in this way.”

“I learnt from the practical examples and that video marketing is the best form of marketing.”

“The speakers were really good to listen to and actually being online was really useful because we could never get to Fashion-Enter for their workshops in time as we were often out of London.”

“I found the slides really useful. Sometimes when people just talk it doesn’t all go in, so to have the slides up helps for the information to be digested.”

“The online marketing module was all new to me. Analytics and website optimisation, video marketing as a key tool, CTA, mobile as the primary device.”

Fabric Swatch of the Week

THINK PINK! Have some fun with this pretty pink chiffon beautiful for the coming summer months! Tap here to view this fabric.

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And Finally…

#mycomingoutdress is on the rise as people look forward to the end of lockdown. In the case of Belles it’s my coming out jumpsuit – as this has been the surprising best seller over the past week.

Until next week, stay safe.

The Team at FashionCapital

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