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Get Industry Ready With On – the – Job Learning


Newsletter 1st May 2024

Full Steam Ahead with Apprenticeships

As one of the largest training providers of Advanced Apprenticeships at Levels 2 – 5 within Apparel Manufacturing the FEL and FTA team is pushing forward with the provision of apprenticeship positions across all campuses.

Today, 1st May, FEL CEO, Jenny Holloway is in Leicester to enrol 10 apprentices that will gain on-the-job skills with multinational clothing, footwear and home retailer, NEXT, along with additional classroom learning at the FTA Leicester.

FEL’s Head of Education Lan Leeder comments: “I can confidently attest the immense value that apprenticeships provide for individuals and the economy. By providing on-the-job training, apprenticeships equip learners with the practical skills they need to excel in the workplace while helping employers secure the required talent. Moreover, apprenticeships can promote social mobility by providing an alternative to traditional university routes.”

Today, FEL and the NCPT Group of Colleges are working on a new 800,000 pound bid to open a state-of-the-art Fashion Technology Academy in the Pryce Jones building. This once was the factory of Fashion-Enter Ltd, and this unique collaboration will create amazing opportunities for digital and technical fashion skills for the whole of Wales.

Tap here to read the latest Skills and Education Group apprentice report on Iona from Wales and here for more information on FEL’s Fashion and Textile Apprenticeships.

Unsold stock sucking all your 💰

This cheat sheet is for you… 

Is deadstock taking up half your warehouse space, tying up your cash and generally giving you a headache?  

Inventory Planner by Sage has launched a new cheat sheet that you’re going to love.  

As well as clearly explaining what deadstock is and why it’s SUCH a big issue right now, it contains 8 powerful strategies for preventing deadstock in the first place.  

It could be a real game-changer for your retail business – and it’s completely free.  

Grab your copy here.

In Production: Non-Fashion Order with Kids Planet

The manufacturing arm of FEL, the Factory, is delighted to confirm a first, major non-fashion order with the inspiring and ethical company, Kids Planet. 

Fashion-Enter Ltd is producing an initial trial of 1000 bedsheets, this will be for their nurseries around the UK. This is a fantastic opportunity for FEL to work on non-fashion items for a company that has a similar ethos with community and sustainability. 

Tap here to view a short YouTube video of this order in production.

For production enquiries please email: thefactory@fashion-enter.com 

Did You See Us in the Daily Mail?

Fashion-Enter Ltd, CEO Jenny Holloway has spoken up against Lord Cameron’s fashion designer wife Samantha Cameron’s throwaway comment about a lack of ‘high quality factories in Britain.’

Picking up on the story The Daily Mail interviewed FEL’s Jenny Holloway, published 27th April 2024, she told The Daily Mail: 

‘That there is ‘fantastic expertise’ in Britain and using manufacturers closer to home meant ‘reducing your carbon footprint and safeguarding jobs.’

Tap here for more on this story.

Kimono Masterclass with Nim

Join Nim (Out Of Stock Studio) at the FC Designer Workspace in Islington on Saturday May 25th 2024 for a fully guided masterclass on the process of cutting and sewing your own unique kimono-style jacket.

The class includes the use of luxury, British-woven, selvedge denim from Hewitt with choices available on size, pocket details and thread colours.

The 1-day masterclass is open to individuals with sewing skills and is not recommended for complete beginners.

For more information and to book tap here.

Courses and Workshops Coming Up…

Repair and Upcycling:

14th May: Free Repair and Upcycle Drop-In workshop – FC Designer Collective shop, Fonthill Road, Islington


20th May: Introduction to Sewing evening class– £35 – FC Designer Workspace, Islington

22nd May: Introduction to Sewing evening class– £35 – FC Designer Workspace, Islington

28th – 31st May: 4 Day Beginners Stitching course – £150 – FC Designer Workspace, Islington

Pattern Cutting:

18th May: Saturday Pattern Cutting Class (Made to measure skirt) – £35 – FC Designer Workspace, Islington

28th – 31st May: 4 Day Beginners Pattern Cutting course – £150 – FC Designer Workspace, Islington

Support and Advice: 

29th May: How to Manufacture Your Garments – Part 1 Sampling & Small Run Production – Free from 10am via Zoom please register


Please contact: education@fashion-enter.com for the next session

Tap here for more dates and classes

This Week on FashionCapital…

FEL Reviews EPR and Proposed Legislation

And Finally…

The book: Londoners Making London – Transforming Neighbourhoods By Jan Kattein, is out now and features FEL CEO Jenny Holloway and the FTA, Haringey. The book re-traces Jenny’s steps going back to 2006 when in the face of doubters and naysayers she made it her mission to bring garment manufacturing back to the UK and up until the astonishing success that Fashion-Enter Ltd has become today. For more info about the book and accompanying events tap here

Until next time, have a great week.

From the Team at FashionCapital 

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