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Experienced Local Machinists Required…


Newsletter 15th April 2020

Dear all,

In It Together

The Fashion-Enter manufacturing team have been busy over the bank holiday making scrub sets for the NHS alongside Virustatic Shields or snoods. A second batch has just gone out and production continues. We are looking for more local (Haringey), experienced machinists to work with us on these orders so please get in touch with our Production Director Caroline Ash if you are interested caroline@fashion-enter.com

A Kind Response

After appearing on the BBC News we received this rather lovely message:

I just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ to your company making scrubs for the NHS! Gave me such a glimmer of hope seeing your company on the BBC. As well as your staff working away, but more importantly all wearing gloves and masks as a precaution.

“I hope we go back to being able to say ‘Made in Britain.’ 

“May your company continue to thrive long after this crisis has passed!”

Salley (Not an NHS or care worker just a general member of the public, who appreciates good deeds)

Haringey Creative Sector Covid-19 Impact Survey

1 in 5 Londoners work in the creative sector, and more than 50% of the creative sector in London is self-employed. Small businesses and freelancers are currently struggling and often don’t meet the criteria of the current government support. Please help Haringey Council understand the issues you are facing so your voice can be heard.

The results will also be used to inform the Mayor of London and the Creative Industries Federation lobbying efforts. This online survey is open to complete until 17th April 2020 5pm. Tap here to fill in this 2-minute survey.

Useful Links for Creative Businesses

We are here to support you – thanks to our N17 Creative Callings partner Collage Arts here are some useful links that may be helpful:

Useful links to the grants and business support loans for creatives that have been announced: http://www.collage-arts.org/useful-links/

This C-19 Update page has information and guidance specifically for artists and creatives who have studios within the Collage Artspaces: http://www.collage-arts.org/covid19-update/

Here is the Toolkit that Remi Harris put together for creatives and freelancers: https://creativefreelancec19.glideapp.io/

Made Here Now Mention

Published on ‘Made Here Now’ by Peter Marsh on 14th April the “Brilliantly Simple” Hood could save lives in coronavirus crisis article includes Fashion-Enter as a possible UK based manufacturer for the product.

From the article:

‘A team of UK engineers is working on an innovative mask that uses principles borrowed from diving helmets to shield wearers from the devastating impact of the coronavirus.

‘Another important part of the project is to bring on board companies in the textile industry who would produce the disposable hoods. Jenny Holloway, managing director of Fashion Enter, a textiles company in London which is making large quantities of hospital gowns for use in the crisis, said: “This seems like a massive opportunity and we’d be ready to play a part, assuming we had the capacity.”’

To read the full article tap here.

Today – Zoom Online – Sampling and Production Seminar

Our latest N17 Creative Callings seminar instalment is taking place via Zoom as we type. The Design Cycle Series Part 2 headed up by Production Director Caroline Ash and CEO Jenny Holloway incorporates advice on each and every step a brand will need to go through when working with a manufacturer – from initial design sketch to finished garment ready to retail. Twenty-six participants are online and involved asking Caroline and Jenny a range of pertinent questions from grading to sampling to hidden costs.

Zoom Seminars Online

How to Sell Your Brand with Jenny Holloway – 17th April 2020

Trend Analysis with Lauren Morrison – 23rd April 2020

The Design Cycle Series:

Part 3 Budgeting, Finance & IP – 30th April 2020

Part 4 How to Sell Your Brand – 6th May 2020

Make the Most of Your Time & Get Your Patterns Collection Ready

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your own range? Be the designer you always wanted to be? We have teamed up with Telestia to offer online tuition supported by a qualified tutor. Get your collection pattern ready and get productive during this time of lockdown. To find out more tap here.

Fabric Swatch of the Week

Fresh white chiffon is brilliant for summer. Lightweight, breathable and floaty! Available at the FCFabricStudio at £3.50 a metre.

This Week on FashionCapital…

Fashion-Enter CEO talks essential NHS PPE production.

Comment: Cheap Fashion is Costing the Earth.

In Production: Germ Trap Snood.

And Finally…

Thinking to positive times ahead – have you noticed the air of anticipation on social media with hashtags such as: #mycomingoutdress The FashionCapital team are sure that there will be lots of parties once we get through this! However, at the moment we have to all stay safe and stay well for as long as it takes.  

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