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Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Newsletter 10th April 2024

Are You A Fashion Activist?

With Fashion Revolution Week commencing from Monday 15th and Earth Day on the 22nd of this month, there is plenty of talk centring on ethics and the environment. Can you believe Fashion Revolution, set up after the horrific Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, is now in its 10th year of activism. Here at Fashion-Enter Ltd we’ve been striving for a better, fairer and UK-based fashion industry since we began our small sampling unit back in 2006. Now we are making progress with repairs, thanks to our partnership with United Repair Centre, and repurposing. It’s not been easy but it is possible to produce, repair and repurpose ethically right here in the UK.

A Date with Downing Street 

Next Wednesday, 17th April, Beth and Jenny will be representing FEL at 10 Downing Street to wave the flag for Made in the UK.

Proximity sourcing is the only real way we are ever going to stop excessive carbon emissions. We don’t need to fly fabric, trims and components around the world to make clothes! Making locally provides so many advantages and gives speed to market for brands and we’ll be at Downing Street for a unique, manufacturers matchmaking event. 

Thank-you to 10 Downing Street and the Board of Trade for this special invitation.

From Downing Street to the House of Commons

Also on the 17th, Jenny and Beth will be heading over to the House of Commons for an informal roundtable discussion with Labour MP Catherine West. Joining them will be: Emma Watkinson – Silkfred, Nick Beighton – Matches, John Lyttle – Boohoo and Simon Platts – Recomme.

FEL Uses AI to Create Sustainable PPE

Following the FEL, Style3D and Innovate UK conference on the 21st February, we are delighted to confirm that FEL is embarking on a new program to create improved fit for gowns and scrubs for North London NHS Trusts. 

The new program is aiming to show how AI using the Style Verse system of Style3D can create a new concept in PPE today as evidenced by the reel below. 

FEL Founder, Jenny said: “At last! The NHS is engaging with us to produce locally sourced PPE that will have a new fit spec and ensure that gowns and scrubs will fit correctly. We’re working with clinicians to test out new concepts. Plus, we’re now looking at proximity sourcing to review professional dry cleaning within the Islington borough. Great to see Islington Council and the NHS working together to create new jobs and safeguard existing jobs! This really is a public and private winning intervention.”

To find out more about sustainable and ethical fashion manufacturing please email: 

thefashionstudio@fashion-enter.com or call 0208 809 3311

FCFTA Leicester is Moving

The FCFTA Leicester is moving to a new premises and alongside education will also offer sampling and short run production, repairs with our partner – United Repair Centre and repurposing with Recomme.

If you’re interested in working for Fashion-Enter Ltd in Leicester as a tutor, manager, administrator, or if you’re looking for a career change to the social sector please drop an email to: divya@fashion-enter.com 

Current Job Vacancies

We currently have two new job positions available to join the merry FEL team:

Fashion Studio Coordinator

Production Coordinator

All the details can be found in the links.

Join the Craftivist Movement

Repairs, upcycling and alterations are a fantastic way to give new life to old clothes and textiles. Want to give it a go but don’t know where to start? Then come along to our free, thanks to Islington Council, Drop-In Repair and Upcycling sessions at the FC Designer Collective shop, 113 – 115, Fonthill Road, London N4. The next session will take place Monday 15th April.

 Free Repair and Upcycling Drop In 

Learn Lifelong Stitching and Making Skills

In response to several requests for evening and weekend classes the teaching team have added a variety of short courses and workshops in stitching, pattern cutting, repairs, upcycling and digital design. 

Take your pick from affordable 1 – 4 day courses, evening and weekend sessions. Learn from our friendly and knowledgeable team whether you are a beginner or more experienced. 

Tap here to view all short courses

Courses and Workshops Coming Up…


15th April 3-Day Style3D Course for Beginners – £199 – Haringey campus

Repair and Upcycling:

15 April: Free Repair and Upcycling Drop In – FC Designer Collective shop


22 April: Introduction to Sewing (evening class) – £35 – FC Designer Workspace

24th April: Introduction to Sewing (evening class) – £35 – FC Designer Workspace

Pattern Cutting:

20th April Saturday Pattern Cutting Class (Made to measure trousers) – £35 – FC Designer Workspace

Tap here for more dates as well as our free monthly online masterclasses

This Week on FashionCapital…

Understanding the Important Role Shoelaces Play in Sneaker Design

And Finally…

FEL Founder, Jenny Holloway, will be joining Innovate UK for an AI in Fashion Webinar on Friday April 19th, from 10:00 to 11:15am. Exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and the fashion industry, delving into innovative approaches to modernise and enhance sustainability within the sector, tap here to find out more and register.

Until next time, have a great week.

From the Team at FashionCapital 

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