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Milan Fashion Week – Gucci SS18 RTW


It’s still early days in the Milan Fashion Week court to decipher specific emerging trends, so instead, I’ve opted to discuss a collection from a designer who never ceases to unleash our wildest imaginations. Always presenting upbeat, all-embracing, immersive and coherent displays, of course, I’m talking about Gucci…

Eclecticism certainly transpires as an accurate description of Alessandro Michele’s signature aesthetic, which is a theme he strives to continue with and is evident throughout his latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Some may argue his on-going vision is somewhat predictable but when you see sales rise 43 percent in the last few quarters to $2.8bn, why fix something that isn’t broke? Simultaneously, Michele has embraced a new target consumer, the twenty-something cool kid who seeks fun and variety within fashion. Undergoing creative risks is the label’s root to success.

Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2018 array of 108 looks played homage to a usual “playground” spirit, encompassing an amalgam of “cinematic”, all-inclusive and youthful outfits that celebrated diversity. A fabulous puzzle of references appeared, from 18th-century mysticism and monarchs to 19th-century architects and modern LA street gangs. 1980s robo-roller disco tops with sparkly tights to match, circus ringmaster jacket with blouson sleeve, diamante chinstrap, prim tweed skirts and purse belts, purple sequin papal robe, brocade boxer shorts and a tracksuit top reminiscent of Bruce Jenner – variety is the spice of life, well, certainly in the Gucci camp.

milan gucci ss18

Gucci SS18

Alessandro Michele’s designs are a reflection of everything he visually inhales throughout the world, preferring not to embrace new trends and rather puts focus on the individual inside his clothing. A philosophy that definitely appears to be successful!

Words by Kate Farley

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