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Lester DC Pedersen

Trend Forecasting Expert

November 30, 2023 - November 30, 2023   

Fashion forecasting is an integral part of today’s design process. When Lester was a designer in the fashion industry she wanted to use a trend service that, not only could she trust to deliver accurate trend direction, but most importantly, one that would encourage her individuality. The TRENDZOOM service was developed around these ideals, and is constantly evolving to fit the needs of today’s designers. TRENDZOOM’s sole aim is to provide that creative rush of inspiration that will position its subscribing community ahead of the curve.

Founded in 1998 Trendzine is a fashion information service that offers effective and highly accurate trend predictions to the fashion, style and related industries. Reports are creative, inspiring and highly focused on product. Fashion intelligence and industry experience shape the reports, providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of current and future fashion trends.

After graduating in Fashion & Textiles at Cleveland College of Art & Design, Lester gained hands-on  experience working in the design studios of various brands whilst honing her design, illustration and pattern cutting skills. After over a decade in design she launched her own forecasting service Trendzine /TRENDZOOM, a service that supports and inspires fashion students, designers and brands of today.

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