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Jenny Beth Golding

Fashion Studio Manager

January 22, 2021 - January 22, 2021   

Jenny Beth manages the Fashion Studio situated within Fashion Enter’s Factory and HQ in North London. The Fashion Studio team work with a diverse mix of emerging brands to one-off creations to London Fashion Week designers and can make any product from one sample to up to 50.

Jenny Beth’s job is to guide the client through the process of first fits, grading, sealing, lay plans, production and gold sealing to create and produce samples that are right first time and production is of a quality standard.

The company has been working with designers since 2001 and therefore has excellent paperwork templates and processes that are easy to follow and ensures that every stage is ethical and sustainable. The Fashion Studio prides itself on being a centre of excellence for sampling and production and has a host of testimonials to reflect the success achieved so far.

Jenny Beth is the perfect mentor for start-up brands as she is able to guide with detail on every stage of the production process. She regularly host tours of the Fashion Studio to students and CPPD groups and is the public face of the Fashion Studio at fashion, textile and manufacturing trade events.

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