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How to Style Your Suit for Different Occasions


The Apollo King suits in your arsenal are a versatile vessel, ready to be steered through the changing tides of day and night. Being armed with the following clever tweaks, you stride forth, a man not merely dressed, but adorned in the cloak of versatility. This art is about evolving with the day, seamlessly transitioning from role to role, from the boardroom bard to the evening’s enigma.

Image: JoJo Iles

The Art of Versatility: From Office to Evening

The Classic Day Look

To pair your Apollo King suit with a white shirt and a tie is to choose the path of timeless elegance. This combination is the sartorial equivalent of a grand piano in a ballroom—always relevant, always respected, and capable of making a statement without uttering a single word.

Think of it as the black coffee of fashion; pure, unadulterated class. Considering this ensemble “boring” is to call a Swiss watch merely a timekeeper. It’s all about the details. A tie with a subtle pattern or texture, a shirt with a hint of sheen, or even a captivating cufflink can turn the classic into the iconic.

Evening Transformation: The Apollo King After Dark

But as the sun dips below the horizon, and you find yourself in need of transitioning your sartorial excellence to suit the nocturnal festivities without the luxury of time for a full wardrobe change. 

Begin by unbuttoning your collar and perhaps the first button (or dare I say, even the second) of your shirt, rolling the cuffs just once for a touch of nonchalance. It whispers of a man who’s mastered the day and now welcomes the night with open arms.

Tuck your tie into your shirt for a moment of unexpected flair, or if the occasion allows, forego it entirely post-sunset. This slight adjustment shifts the narrative from strictly business to laissez-faire leisure.

Swap your daytime watch for something bolder, or slide a pocket square with a pop of color or playful pattern into your suit’s breast pocket. Like a knight donning a different crest for the evening’s tournament, these changes signal a readiness for the revelries.

If practical, a quick change of shoes – moving from the classic to perhaps a more daring leather loafer or an Oxford in a patent finish – can stride you comfortably into evening elegance.

Never underestimate the transformative power of a spritz of evening-appropriate cologne. Like an unseen, aromatic aura, it completes the transition from day to dusk.

Beyond the Basics: Accessorizing your Apollo King Suit

Choosing Your Shoes

The shoes you choose can make or break your outfit, serving as the foundation (quite literally) of your entire look. Think of them as the roots of a mighty oak—unseen, yet crucial for the overall majesty.

A pair of polished oxfords or derbies in black or dark brown are the armor of choice for your feet. They’re like the trusty steed that never falters—reliable, dignified, and always appropriate.

Here’s where you can let loose a little. Feel free to slip into something a tad more adventurous—a pair of snazzy loafers (tassel optional) or suave brogues. These are the equivalent of arriving at the ball on a horse that does tricks; unexpected, but oh-so delightful.

Remember, the key with shoes is to ensure they’re well-maintained. A man’s shoes, much like his handshake, tell a story. Make sure yours aren’t whispering secrets of neglect.

The Devil’s in the Details 

A belt is to an outfit what punctuation is to a sentence—a necessity that brings it all together. Match your belt to your shoes in color and finish for that harmonious look that says, “Yes, I meant to do that.”

For those occasions that demand a shirt with French cuffs, cufflinks are like the icing on the cake. They’re small, but they shine with the intensity of a knight’s armor under the sun, reflecting your attention to detail.

We’ve already touched on these, but remember, a pocket square adds a dash of flair, while a tie (or the absence of one) can steer your look from strictly business to suavely casual. They’re the magic wands of your wardrobe, changing the vibe with a flick of fabric.

These often-overlooked heroes. Your socks are an opportunity for a secret rebellion, a hidden splash of color or pattern that says, “I’m all business on the surface, but there’s a party going on down here.”

With your shoes chosen with the discernment of a master sommelier and your accessories curated with the eye of an art collector, you’re ready to step out into the world not just well-dressed, but transformed.

Finding Your Signature Style

Imagine, if you will, your suit as a tailor-made suit of armor. It should protect you (from fashion faux pas), empower you, and allow you to move with the ease of a knight without the clunkiness of a full metal ensemble. Here’s how to ensure your suit and body type are in a seamless confluence:

Making a Statement

Now, to ensure your transformed suit helps you not just to make an entrance but to leave an indelible impression.

The Power of Personal Touch

This is where you infuse your spirit into your ensemble. Whether it’s a penchant for pocket squares, a bold tie choice, or an unusual lapel pin, these are the flourishes that form the alphabet of your style language.

Consistency Meets Creativity

Your signature style should strike a balance between being recognizable and being refreshing. Like a chef who knows exactly how to blend the classic with the nouveau, your suit styling should reflect a consistent foundation peppered with daring deviations.

Happiness as Your Compass

Ultimately, the garment that makes you feel like you’ve just won the World Cup before leaving the house is the one. Confidence isn’t just an accessory; it’s the very fabric of your style. If you’re beaming with joy inside your suit, it radiates more brightly than the most meticulously chosen tie.

Finding your signature style isn’t an overnight affair; it’s a delightful exploration of textures, colors, and patterns, with each choice weaving a richer story of who you are. Conduct away with flair, let your spirit dance in your perfectly chosen ensemble, and remember: in the theatre of life you’re the star.

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