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Introducing Isabella Queen Accessories


Having successfully launched at Pure London in 2015, ISABELLA QUEEN returned this year.

Isabelle had never considered herself a designer, however her brother encouraged her to enroll at London College Fashion.  “The day I first stepped into the LCF not knowing how or where to begin was three and a half years before I launched the brand in August 2015. And what an incredible journey it has been ever since!”

Pure London Pic

ISABELLA QUEEN, a luxury Italian leather accessories brand, after designer and founder Isabelle Ugochukwu struggled to buy a handbag that represented her.  My philosophy has always been that a handbag is an extension of you, and much like you can tell a lot about a dog owner by the type of dog they have, is the same way you can tell a lady by her handbag.” She tells us, continuing, “Everywhere I looked I could not find a strong feminine leather accessories brand in which beauty and elegance met ethical sourcing and quality craftsmanship, proud British heritage and exclusivity.”


A British luxury brand that offers quality-remarkable Italian leather accessories all handcrafted in London, ISABELLA QUEEN products have elegant structure comprising clean, classic and structured shapes, colour contrast and of course their chic signature satin London skyline lining.  Priding themselves on their timeless identity and ability to find inspiration right across the globe in the most unusual places, the brand finds themselves several seasons ahead and have already drafted 2018 and 2019!


“We are always on the lookout, and finding in the most unusual places right across the globe, inspiration that keeps us innovating within the boundaries of what we represent; and for that reason we are always several seasons ahead”¦ I am confident that ISABELLA QUEEN will continually achieve its goal of pushing boundaries while remaining relevant, making the desired impact along the way.” Isabelle states.


Discussing her Made in Britain ethic and the importance of being a made in Britain brand Isabelle informs us “For me, it is not just the ability to use it as a powerful and unique selling point; it is deeply personal.”  Having moved from London to Scotland, Isabelle returned back to the city “There’s something about London – it welcomes you, embraces you and never leaves you. So that is how as an adult, I came full circle, back to this city that I love so much. And there is so much about London that people still have not experienced, so much excellence, so much creativity!”


“We could have chosen to manufacture anywhere in the world, but the passion for being part of the movement re-establishing the manufacture of luxury goods in the UK and the benefits of manufacturing here informed our decision to be part of this great elite”¦ Realistically you cannot ignore the challenges which include the high cost of manufacture (something we are happy to endorse as it means we can guarantee that all of our workers are paid above the living wage), the economic effect of political decisions such as increases to the living wage and #Brexit (which you must just plan as soon as you can into your business in order to best absorb its effects when you cannot insure against or transfer them), and the decreased availability of skilled resources resulting from decades of winding down manufacturing and artisanal craftsmanship in the UK (which is thankfully changing as we champion the resurgence of ’homemade’ luxury). But if your brand is remarkable, the products striking and your presentation impressive – that combined excellence will open up the doors enabling you to best deal with the challenges and maximise the benefits that come with British manufacturing.”


Isabella Queen boxThe collections comprise of clean, classic and structured shapes with a well-designed element of colour contrast throughout the styles.



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