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Meet Armand Hadida – Artistic Director of Tranoi



tranoi_armandFC: To those new to the experience what is the ethos behind Tranoi?


Armand: Intimacy. There is a human dimension, as the word TRANOI in Italian means « between us », Tranoi gathers actors from fashion assembled around the pole; in other words: The spirit of the fashion family. Eventually, the ethos is the proudness of not belonging to a big fair where there is mass produced street wear and sportswear.


FC: You have a strong passion for the visual arts how do you express this when putting together an event like Tranoi?


Armand: It’s a non-stop visual training, as well as cultural, to grant, to diversify and to look for coherence for a necessary offer to all the multi-brand buyers. An offer that can answer the multi-brand buyer’s expectations, which have the obligation, today more than yesterday to distinguish from their past habits.


FC: Could you tell us a bit about your fashion journey and how you got to the position you are in today.


Armand: My fashion journey is a route sprinkled with discoveries, or learning processes, of inspirations and dreams. I take advantage of the designer’s and artist’s creative poetry we represent, the association of design, fashion and other artistic expressions gathered around the same sphere. It is the desire to discover, to complete and to have the will to go on sharing our crushes, our discoveries with an audience we respect, that we need, which is necessary to us. They are the reason of our activity and to seduce them through our heart crushes, our discoveries, that is all part of my fashion journey. We must go on contributing and representing this creative work of the designers whose integrity has meant something to us.



FC: What would be your advice to a graduate that would like to take a similar career path?

Armand: Understand that a graduation after a short course of 3-years in a school, this diploma/degree only represents the control of the alphabet, of a vocabulary of a language they will have to apprehend, to enrich until the stage of prose and poesy.

To enrich oneself in the widest way possible, of this world, the world of design growing through all the lessons, fine arts, visits of all the art galleries and museums, without forgetting nature, that remains the best inspiration school for any artist in the making.



FC: Is it fair to say that Tranoi is about more than buying – that it offers an experience that is inspirational?

Armand: Yes. Very honest.

FC: Fashion is constantly changing how do you think fashion will evolve over the next decade?

Armand: It will go on evolving, enriching like music, like cooking, such as all art expressions. The only things changing will be the tools: New technologies.

Fashion will evolve by offering to support new materials with more integrated intelligence and more technology. Technology today contributes a lot to the treatment of the upper layer, to new chemical fibres that will be intelligent, and even tomorrow’s clothes will come along with chips that will deliver advertising messages that will be a means of recognition, communication, so technology will have a very influential part in tomorrow’s evolution.


FC: Can you tell us about a few of the new labels that debuted at Tranoi this season…

Armand: Among new brands this year, we saw: ALICE MADE THIS, MYO SWIMWEAR and PEIR WU


Designs by Peir Wu

FC: What inspires your creativity?

Armand: The curiosity and the desire to compensate my scholarship, I stopped far too early.

FC: What next for Armand Hadida’s fashion story?

Armand: I have just opened a new store in St Ouen, the most famous flea market in Paris.

The new experimentation to put in place this hybrid work tool and to see it evolve internationally and to be present for the two next destinations: New-York city and Shanghai.

Thank-you Armand see you at the next edition of Tranoi.



The next edition of Tranoi – Tranoi Femme S/S14 will take place 27th – 30th September 2013.



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