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Your Timeless Summer Guide to Fashion


The fashion shows may have arrived delayed and in slightly different forms through the course of the last twelve months, but that doesn’t mean that the industry is stood still.

On the contrary, the usual trends are still emerging, and stores are busy turning around their displays based on the next season. Whether it is Covent Garden or another high-profile shopping district on the other side of the world, the window displays are being primed accordingly.

However, today isn’t about pinpointing styles based on 2021 trends – there are plenty of guides that do a better job of this. Instead, it is all about staying timeless. In other words, what summer style tips are going to survive the test of time this year and the next?

Choose simpler outfits

Now, we know that in our everyday lives, we want to experiment with colour and pattern. You might want to try out a new outfit every day or be the most entertaining person in the group by throwing together random pieces and just seeing what works.

But when it comes to summer, keep it simple. Find your core pieces and build around them. That’s why this year, we have seen items like white jeans and striped tops being sold everywhere – they’re essentials, and you can incorporate them into many different outfits.

You don’t need to ignore your winter wardrobe just because it’s summer

We’re not talking about trends like wearing boots with shorts here, but rather items that have been re-purposed.

For example, you can bring out your winter coats and wear them over your summer dresses and skirts, adding an extra layer of warmth to the outfit where necessary (let’s be honest, the UK summer sometimes dictates this).

You can also bring out your winter accessories such as hats and shawls and use them throughout the year. You may not be able to wear your comfy winter boots anymore but keeping a pair of boots around is a good idea – they’re a quick way of adding an extra level of style to any outfit.

Go for a classic summer look

The key to this is to find the right balance between being on-trend and being timeless.

For example, you can wear white jeans with a simple white top and a pair of sandals. This is a classic summer look that will never go out of fashion. However, you can also add a twist by wearing a pair of trainers or even going for a more adventurous colour such as yellow.

Be adventurous with your accessories

There are so many different accessories out there in the world that you can use to add a little something extra to your outfit. For example, you can wear a pair of sunglasses with a slightly retro look, or you can go for a more stylish pair of designer shades.

You can also add a scarf to your outfit, or even statement jewellery or a hat. Accessories can be your best friend during the summer months – they are a brilliant way to add colour, texture and pattern to core plain staples.

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