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Yellow Octopus and Newlife Partner Up in New Circular Fashion Initiative


Yellow Octopus Group, the leading European provider of commercial sustainability solutions to the fashion industry, and Newlife, a Charity for Disabled Children, have announced a new strategic partnership that will prevent 800,000 items of clothing going to landfill.

For over 30-years Newlife has worked to support thousands of disabled children with equipment and support, today, it works with over 200 retailers to provide stock exit solutions which is uses to generate its income. The new partnership with Yellow Octopus Group will support the charity in providing circular fashion solutions for surplus stock.

This new offering will use Upcycle Labs technology, an innovative upcycling service to convert unwanted inventory into new high-quality décor products, store fittings and more. As well as introducing fashion customers to circular fashion this will create additional revenue streams both for Newlife and its retail partners.

Other solutions within this partnership will include LOOP Digital Wardrobe technology. This will digitalise product at retailer’s checkouts automatically for future resell or donation into the Newlife virtual charity store. 

The founder of Yellow Octopus Group, Jack Ostrowski, commented: “I have always had massive admiration for the great work and achievements of Newlife and its founder, Sheila Brown. I’m excited that Yellow Octopus can be part of Newlife´s next chapter where we will bring sustainability and digitalisation to its offering. Thanks to this strategic partnership retailers supporting Newlife will be able to ‘do good’ in many dimensions – by helping disabled children and helping the planet by implementing circular fashion solutions.”

Sue Maplesden, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Partnerships from Newlife, added: “Newlife’s partnership with Yellow Octopus will enable us to continue to make a massive contribution to changing the lives of children and protecting our planet.

“There are now over 1.1 million disabled children in the UK, more than ever before. There are insufficient funds in the statutory services to provide the life changing equipment required to provide the support needed. Our partnership will enable us to turn end of life stock into positive social and environmental impacts.”

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