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Women’s Shoes That Are the Perfect Fit For Winter


Read on to learn which shoe trends women should include in their wardrobes this winter…

A Guide to Women’s Winter Shoes

Winter is a time of year that creates a brand new opportunity for style choices and exciting fashion. And, while the clothing pieces you choose to wear help build your seasonal wardrobe, the shoes you choose to pair them with are just as important. 

Because of the adverse weather you are likely to face, your footwear options need to be stylish and very functional, incorporating designs and fabrics that will stand up to the harshest conditions. From snug rain boots to easy Crocs shoes NZ, these are the must-haves for any wardrobe. 

Before You Start

The first thing to consider when buying winter shoes is the materials. You want your purchase to last longer than just one season, and the only way to do it is by purchasing footwear made from materials that have been proven to stand up to winter conditions. Durability and waterproof qualities should be top of your priority list. A solid rubber sole that prevents slipping and will not degrade with exposure to water is also essential. 

Winter boots, in particular, should be snug in fit but not constricting. Comfort is extremely important for all footwear, particularly when you have to wear it for extended periods of time in harsh weather. When looking for the correct size, make sure to factor in the possibility of wearing thicker socks than you usually would. This will require slightly more space to prevent your shoes from squeezing your foot. 

Lastly, it is important to remember that while materials like leather make for ideal winter shoes, their maintenance can be somewhat time-consuming and challenging. It is a material that does get better with age, but if you are someone who does not like the look of aged or roughed leather, it is best to avoid it altogether. 

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are an iconic and timeless style of shoes. If it feels like they have been around forever, it is because they have been. They are ideal for both winter and summer, making them an investment piece that will pay off generously in versatility. 

They can be paired with practically every item of clothing you have in your closet and, when styled correctly, can go from casual Sunday lunch to formal evening attire with ease. The best material to purchase this style in is leather or faux leather, as it will significantly extend its shelf life while maintaining high levels of stylishness. Suede is another ideal material, but it might not stand up well to excessive rain or snow. 

Combat Boots

Combat boots have been a popular choice for many decades, and with good reason. Initially designed for soldiers to wear during the war, these incredibly sturdy and versatile shoes are the ultimate investment piece for any wardrobe, and not just for winter either.

These iconic shoes are most popular in simple black, allowing them to be styled with practically anything you plan to wear. And unlike rainboots, which are usually made with waterproof material that keeps you dry but not necessarily warm, combat boots are made to do both. If these shoes don’t fit your style perfectly, it is strongly recommended to broaden your choices to include them. It will be a decision you won’t regret.

Heeled Lace-Ups

Boots will likely be your go-to footwear option for winter, but that doesn’t always mean you have to opt for the standard flat version. Instead, investing in a pair of heeled lace-up boots will give you a choice for something slightly more feminine and dressy while still maintaining the necessary functionality that is required for winter. 

They pair nicely with dresses and tights or fitted jeans for a more casual ensemble. However, stick to darker and more neutral shades to get the most use out of them, as these tones can match with the biggest range. 

Rain Boots

Most fashion advice tells us to stick to neutral tones with fashion to give us the most comprehensive range to work with. And while this largely runs true, there are some items with which you can get creative. Rain boots fall into that category. 

While you don’t have to opt for the rubber ducks or hideous floral patterns you adored as a child, in today’s market, you can find a wide variety of bright and bold options while still being fashionable and fun. In addition, all rain boots are made using rubber or silicon, making them slip-proof and the perfect protectors against water.

Fashion Sneakers

Fashion sneakers have soared in popularity in recent years as streetwear continues to dominate the fashion world. They are an excellent choice for the colder months when you want a change from the usual options. 

It is best to wear them on days when the rain and snow are minimal because, aside from their rubber soles, they are not typically created to stand up to harsher weather. However, considering the hefty price tag usually attached to them, if you feel more comfortable packing them away until summer, you are still left with many choices to get you through the season. 

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