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Winter Wardrobe Staples That Brits Can’t Live Without


Researchers surveyed 2,000 Brits and revealed that October is the month that millions of Brits pack away their sandals and t-shirts and bring out their comfortable clobber.  

In fact, 19 percent of organized Brits like to box up their summer clothes at this time of year, and create a capsule winter wardrobe, consisting of trusted items they have had for years. 

And according to the survey, the oversized sweater is nation’s best loved clothing item for the colder months, with 58 percent of the vote. 

Hoodies (55 percent) and woolly jumpers (52 percent) came in at number two and three in the poll of 2,000 fashion-loving Brits.

Bobble hats (41 percent), Leggings (30 percent), thick black tights (26 percent) and ankle boots (32 percent) are brought out of Brit’s wardrobes year after year, to get us through the winter months feeling warm, but remaining fashionable.  

Fleeces, Ugg boots, black cardigans and bootcut jeans also made the final cut. 

16 percent said Dr Martens were a standard winter clothing item, while 11 percent agreed that you cannot enter party season without a CLASSIC LBD. 

And the survey showed that from tights, to vests, trousers, tops and dresses – the average Brit has a whopping 72 items of winter clothing currently in their wardrobes. 

Yet we still chuck away up to SIX items of clothing every month, according to the report, which will only end up in landfill.

A spokesperson from British Wool who commissioned the research commented: “The results of the poll show fashion conscious Brits still admit to throwing clothes away. Yet with October proving to be the month we get our winter garments out, we were pleased to see that the classic woolly jumper is still one of the top winter wardrobe staples, with wool being 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable.”

Aja Barber, sustainable fashion writer, stylist and consultant, said: “The climate crisis will mean we are going to need winter wardrobe solutions that are closer to home. British wool was a key pillar of the British economy in the past and I think it will become increasingly important as we move towards a more sustainable future.”


1. Oversized sweater (58 percent) 

2. Hoodie (55 percent) 

3. Woolly jumper (52 percent) 

4. Bobble hat (41 percent) 

5. Black cardigan (39 percent) 

6. Fleece (38 percent) 

7. Ankle boots (32 percent) 

8. Leggings (30 percent) 

9. Thick black tights (26 percent) 

10. Skinny jeans (25 percent) 

11. Gilet (18 percent) 

12. Dr Martens (16 percent) 

13. Uggs (14 percent)

14. Bootcut jeans (13 percent) 

15. LBD (12 percent)

Thanks to British Wool for sharing this research data.

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