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Why Women can now Look Fashionable in a Professional Kitchen


When you think of what a professional chef wears, you probably imagine a bulky white jacket and trousers. This is the traditional uniform of a chef that has been in existence for more than 200 years and can still be found being worn by some chefs today.

This uniform was originally created with men in mind, during the 18th century. Then, just as is the case today, there was nothing to stop a woman from becoming a chef, but it was thought of as being a male bastion. This is still partly the case today and there are far fewer female chefs than there are male. However, the situation is starting to change, including the introduction of clothing that female chefs can wear comfortably and safely.

The Boys’ Club attitude is changing

Celebrity chef Angela Hartnett said;

“Everyone seems to think that our industry is awful and women are locked in a cupboard and only allowed out to make a crème brûlée, but I had a great time and still continue to.”

However, Angela’s experience is one that has not been felt by many females who have struggled to get a foothold in an industry where there has often been a boys’ club atmosphere. Of course, this does not just apply to the culinary world, it’s a common problem in many industries. You only need to look at the Me Too campaign in Hollywood to see that this is the case. Changing the clothing that is available for women to wear is one factor that is starting to make a significant difference in the culinary industry.

Fashionable clothing in a professional kitchen

Obviously, a professional kitchen is not intended to be a catwalk, and the main aim of a chef’s uniform is to promote safety and cleanliness. However, this does not mean that a selection of professional chef jackets should not include items that are flattering to female chefs.

In recent years this has started to be the case. Many chef jackets are now designed to fit a smaller frame. This means that women who work in professional kitchens no longer have to roll up sleeves and put up with jackets that feel big and cumbersome.

This is not just important from a style and comfort point of view. Ill-fitting jackets can also be dangerous, if trailing sleeves catch on a naked flame. Changing the design of chef jackets to be more inclusive is definitely a positive development.

In Summary:

There is a drive towards making the world more inclusive for women. This drive is across many different walks of life and industries. It includes progress towards making professional kitchens more inclusive. A major part of this progress surrounds the provision of fashionable uniforms for female chefs to wear. The new designs of clothing make women feel more comfortable, and give them the extra confidence that comes with an improvement in appearance when compared with the way traditional chef’s whites look on the female frame.

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