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Why We Need to Support the British Wool Industry


British farmers have been producing wool for centuries. The UK has more sheep breeds than any country in the world with over sixty different breeds cared for by more than 40,000 sheep farmers!

British wool is sustainable in every way, from the environmental impact to the welfare of the sheep. Wool is robust, hard wearing and will last, lending itself perfectly to the ethos of buying less.

Graduate collection from knitwear designer Hannah Stote – she uses British wools and yarns and unraveled yarn from vintage jumpers in her work.

Despite this, farmers actually receive less for their wool than the cost of shearing forcing farmers across the country to plough their wool into the fields as fertilizer. This has to be stopped! Currently a petition is in place demanding that it becomes mandatory for British wool products to be used for insulating homes. The Welsh government has now pledged to use wool in public buildings, which is fantastic news.

British wool produces high quality cloth and has been used for unique and distinctive items from some of the world’s leading brands including Harris Tweed and Savile Row. It offers a huge range of natural colour shades and textures, allowing for complete versatility when designing fabric. There are countless benefits of using British wool across a range of products from clothing to bedding, carpets and insulation.

2020 marked the 10th Anniversary for the ‘Campaign for Wool’, the campaign officially began in October 2010 in conjunction with Wool Week and its patron is His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. A committed environmentalist His Royal Highness continues to be actively involved in spreading the message that wool is a precious natural, renewable and biodegradable resource that offers many technical and ecological benefits.

To find out more about Campaign for Wool tap here.

Buy less, buy British wool.

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