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What’s Trending in Women’s Fashion – London


Fashion has, for a long time, been characterized by a cyclic revolution. It all started when Charles Fredrick, who is believed to be the founder of modern-day fashion sewed in his label into a garment. It was the birth of the renowned designers in the fashion industry today. London Fashion Week, among other European fashion events, leave fashion enthusiasts with inspiration and hints on what is about to trend. 

Fashion does not remain constant; it is seasonal. More so, it differs in different geographical areas. When it comes to women’s fashion trends in the UK, here are some items that are trending right at this moment.

1. Sheer skirts

The sheer style traces back to the 16th century, where both men and women wore it. The style was different: some garments featured tons of ruffles while others gathers and pleats. As it is typical of fashion trends: it has had a comeback in the European catwalk. Just like in old times, style bloggers and fashion editors have found different ways of going sheer: layering sheer skirts with beachwear or denim shorts like ones available at www.tally-weijl.com/en_UK adds modesty to the see-through sheer garments.

2. Vinyl pants

Vinyl coated fabrics made their entry into the fashion world in the 1950s. Today, vinyl trousers are one of the most celebrated fashion items in the UK. The fact that they are easy to wear. They are the talk of street style for having a unique way of expressing chic and cool. 

They can be worn with almost everything. Blazers, slogan t-shirts, and fur coats go perfectly with them.

3. Socks and heels

You have already seen several celebrities posing for photos on the red carpet wearing these. The trend is a combination of comfort and style. The fact that one can wear heels and protect their feet from the cold must be the reason this style has had the reception. Get creative with the socks to spice up the entire look. Models have been seen wearing them with preppy dresses, fitting blazers, and cropped pants.

4. Pastel suits

Trendsetters have added life to power suits, which are characterized by oversized blazers. Suits in the UK have been working out pretty well for women. Power suits come in a wide range of options, corduroy, pastel, and even checkered. Suits with animal print bring out the element of wild and chic.  

Career women have been seen taking the new trend to the office, and they are making quite a statement.

5. White ankle boots

It is surprising why most of the trends seem to originate from decades back. White ankle boots had a wave in the UK soil in the seventies. They have made an impressive comeback by becoming one of the biggest trends in women wear in the UK. They are among the fashion items worn by the majority of fashion bloggers, models, celebrities, and designers in London Fashion Week.

The catch of the white boots is their versatility as compared to their black counterparts. They can be worn with anything from pastel skirts to even knits. You will come across many women wearing them with long dresses in the streets of London.

 6. Oversized Hats

Wearing hats to royal occasions in the 50s was an expression of etiquette: royal women in the UK wear hats distinctively. Since hats made entry into UK’s fashion weeks, they have become more than royal protocol. Oversized hats are becoming a refreshing trend during summer in the UK. The hats have been reimagined and are now coming in materials ranging from straw to cotton. Summer in the UK is all about covering and style.

 7. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye has been practiced since the 8th century by the Chinese and Indonesians. Tie-dyed clothing first gained popularity between 1960s and 1970s: the trend has recurred in the UK catwalk, and it is even better. You are likely to bump into someone wearing a tie-dyed two-piece, maxi and summer dress, blazers and t-shirts.

8. Fringing

There is never a wrong time for fringing in the UK’s catwalk. It is one trend that never loses the limelight in the UK’s fashion. So far, it has experimented with handbags, jackets, dresses, skirts and most of the outfits you can think of. Fashion editors like it for the sense of elegance and playfulness it brings to different types of outfits.

London Fashion Week has tons of inspiration for fashion lovers. Sheer skirts, vinyl trousers, oversized hats, and tie-dye is among the fashion items that you will not miss in London. Other items like sequins have always been on trend worn day or night, being experimental and making bold combination choices is what London’s street style is all about.

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