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#WeAreFashionRevolution FEL Puts Repair Recycling and Reprocessing into Action


Fashion Revolution Week is upon us, Monday 15th to 24th April, along with Earth Day on the 22nd of this month, and talk is revolving around industry ethics, policies and the environment. 

Can you believe Fashion Revolution, set up after the horrific Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh in April 2013, is now in its 10th year of activism. Acknowledging a decade of active campaigning Fashion Revolution 2024 will run for ten days to encompass a wide range of locally-driven activities across the globe.

The theme for the 2024 campaign is centred around How to be a Fashion Revolutionary. Over the last ten years, sustainability has entered the mainstream with more people than ever thinking about the impact of their clothes. This cultural shift is also supported by a wave of incoming legislation across the EU and USA that aims to finally regulate the fashion industry.

Despite the growing understanding of sustainability, too many citizens remain unaware of the human and environmental problems within the global fashion industry; specifically its links to gender, race and climate change, and their personal connection to this. Public misconceptions around what fashion activism looks can be discouraging, while a knowledge and skills gap prevents citizens from taking action to positively change the global fashion industry.

This is where Fashion Revolution comes in through interactive workshops and knowledge sharing that is accessible to all. Visit the Fashion Revolution website to see how you can get involved, whether you are brand, retailer, supplier or a citizen, there are plenty of resources and options. Towards the end of the week the first Mend In Public Day on 20th April 2024, encourages communities far and and wide to share their mends as an accessible form of activism, to rebel against the disposable mindset of our current fashion industry.

Here at Fashion-Enter Ltd we’ve been striving for a better, fairer and UK-based fashion industry since we began our small sampling unit back in 2006. Now we are making progress with repairs, thanks to our partnership with United Repair Centre, and repurposing. 

Earlier this year Fashion-Enter Ltd secured £250,000 from the Postcode Innovation Trust to create a progressive Circular Fashion Factory. Restructuring is now underway so that  Fashion-Enter Ltd’s factory will be fully equipped into a repair, recycle and reprocessing unit.

At Fashion-Enter Ltd we have supported the Fashion Revolution campaign from the outset and this year we will be hash tagging #WeAreFashionRevolution and pushing forward for ethical and sustainable change.

#FashionRevolution #FashionRevolutionWeek #WeAreFashionRevolution

Visit the Fashion Revolution website to see how you can get involved.

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