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Upcoming Influencer: Maya Bash


Incorporating an innovative balance between urban aesthetics and functionality, talented Israeli fashion designer, Maya Bash proposes high-end, avant-garde clothing that transpires as minimalist and thought-provoking.

The upcoming influencer invariably imbues a signature sartorial that conjures a dichotomy of masculine and feminine styles. Conducting her craft through the application of finest materials, Maya Bash manipulates and deconstructs her designs into understated albeit cutting-edge pieces, drawing engagement to the body’s anatomical lines. Her trailblazing label has proven to attain a global desirability in countries including New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin and Moscow, and is additionally recognised as a pioneering and progressive designer amid her hometown of Tel-Aviv.

In a quote extracted from Bash’s online platform, it reads: “The clothes you wear should reflect the freedom to be true to yourself, whatever the situation or the context might be. It feels good and sets you free!” 

After attending the Shenkar College of Art and Design, Bash graduated and wasted no time in launching her label in 2005. Her designs are collectively constructed employing hand production practices and only natural fabrics, for example, linen, cotton and merino wool from Lithuania. The notion that clothes will on no account modify an individual’s personality, instead provide him or her a method to communicate it, reflects the designer’s fundamental emphasis and concept behind the clothing line. Adopting this philosophy in a big way, Bash has made a significant mark throughout the fashion industry, accumulating much interest and consumer desire, with her clothing being stocked in countless designer boutiques.

In relation to Maya Bash’s latest collection, the designer has elected imprinting techniques, where a singular word is featured on an array of garments such as sweaters, tops, jackets and trousers. In the collections sartorial statement, it reads: “The designer’s interpretation of fashion’s most widespread word-print-everything trend goes beyond the current obsession with slogans and meaningful statements.” With no signs of decorative details insight, such as patterns and prints, lining, brooches, cuffs or athletic side strips, Bash implements words in numerous languages that act as adornment substitutes. This conscious decision thus translates into a conceptual quirky element throughout the collection, which contributes towards its avant-garde zeitgeist.

With the designer accomplishing a personal multilingual background, this quality essentially transpires as a contributing factor towards her intriguing fascination with unique word printing. She adopts a technique that requires taking the words and liberating them from their cultural and emotional connotations, allowing them to metamorphose into creative elucidations of an individual’s daily garments through the language of fashion.

“In the process of creating the collection, I inspected the languages that have most influenced my life as a person and designer,” explains Maya Bash. “Among other fascinating discoveries, I have found that for me Hebrew is the most weighed down by ancient and modern connotations, and took the liberty and pleasure of setting these little words free.” 

This season additionally engages with the continuation of Bash’s BASE line, which showcases the designer’s famous gender neutral Plie Pants that arrive in an amalgam of elite fabrics, promising to complement your personal identity.

In a collection that sees a harmonious combination of minimalistic, clean and androgynous accents, Maya Bash’s young urban-led aesthetics welcome a mostly muted and natural palette, with textures to match, which targets effortlessly cool individuals.

By Kate Farley

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