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TV Star Picks Inventory Planner To Keep His Jewellery Brand Sparkling


Reality TV star Oliver Proudlock’s luxury jewellery brand is joining forces with Sage-owned forecasting tool Inventory Planner.

Proudlock’s brand Serge DeNimes is adopting Inventory Planner by Sage for smarter seasonal forecasting, so the team is always across what products to buy and when to buy it as the business grows.

Founded in 2011 by fashion designer Proudlock, who rose to fame after starring in Made in Chelsea, Serge DeNimes is a design-led, global brand that creates premium jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces and rings, for the often-overlooked men’s market. Each piece is made from 925 Sterling Silver and designed in London.

Serge DeNimes has gone from strength to strength since its launch, with products now stocked in major high end department stores like Selfridges. 

With Serge DeNimes well positioned to take advantage of a booming customer base, the brand is adopting Inventory Planner as a key tool to help Serge Denimes stay up-to-date, offering forecasts and reliable buying recommendations.

With up to four unique jewellery collections launching every year, Serge DeNimes will benefit from granular reporting, handy notifications and simple product tagging.

Inventory Planner’s full range of data-fueled intelligence includes full inventory visibility, industry-leading sales forecasting capability and accurate and reliable purchasing recommendations

With Inventory Planner supporting Serge’s forecasting, purchasing and reporting processes, the brand can track what’s popular and make more informed purchasing decisions on a granular level, allowing the team to create a slick, optimized inventory that will maximize space in the warehouse, drive profitability and boost vital cash-flow.

“Inventory Planner by Sage has completely changed the way we work already”, said Proudlock. “My team now get automated recommendations on what stock to buy and when, keeping our product flowing and our customers happy. We honestly couldn’t recommend it more; it is an integral part of our business.”

“Inventory Planner is the ultimate tool for fast-moving seasonal brands like Serge DeNimes, so we’re thrilled they’ve joined us,” says Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Inventory Planner. “The team can leave stopgap spreadsheets behind, build on their impressive success and buy inventory with confidence.”

Firms who sign up before Thursday 13th July can also get 30% off Inventory Planner thanks to Ollie Proudlock.

Please visit inventory-planner.com/ollie30 and use the code OLLIE30.

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