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Top Tips: Outdoor Jackets – Combining Function & Style


The pandemic saw a dramatic rise in outdoor activities; hiking, biking, running and gardening in particular, as individuals of all ages became reacquainted with the great outdoors. This is turn has influenced designers and catwalk trends and is set to continue as we head into SS22. Marrying both style and practicality specialist outerwear brands have been collaborating with fashion designers to marry technical performance fabrics with contemporary styling details. 

If you also have embraced time spent outdoors in the fresh air you will know how vital it is to stay warm and dry. One of the ways to do this is to get a jacket that enables you to enjoy the outdoors no matter what the weather. Here are some pointers on what to look for when choosing an all-weather jacket… 

The fabric of the jacket

The most vital thing you need to look at when choosing your hybrid-style jacket is the fabric used to make it. Not all sports attire is made from cotton, and for the better part, cotton is not the best when the temperature drops. Opting for something made out of acrylic or polyamide with a spongy layer between the fabric is recommended. The key reason being that you get to stay warm and the sweat will wick away from your skin. If you are concerned about sustainability and manmade fibres lots of brands are using recycled acrylic or polyester so research your brand and its collections. Using pure cotton will result in a jacket that will stick to your skin and that will make you feel cold after a while.

The fastenings & extras

Another thing you need to consider when you choose a jacket is the finishing and fastenings. Most outdoor hybrid style jackets come with zippers and / or poppers. If you are afraid of getting cold, choose overlapping zippers, they are quick to fasten and ensure that you are not exposed to any harsh outside elements. Try on and make sure the zippers are easy to close, don’t go for a snug fit as you need to allow for layers to be worn under the jacket. Another way to get more wear from a jacket is to choose a style that can incorporate a warm liner taking it from mild rainy days to colder, winter climates. Also look for a well fitting hood that can fasten and stay on in windy weather and plenty of zip fastening pockets on the inside and outside of the jacket – always very handy for keeping your phone and valuables dry.

The colour

While the style might not be something you are looking out for when you go hiking or mountain climbing, it helps if you can be spotted from a distance. Accidents happen and you can get lost in the wilderness. Being visible will make it easier to get spotted. Many opt for neon colours like yellow or orange because they are easy to spot. If neon brights are too much for you a bold primary colour makes for a good alternative, as do neutral shades combined with reflective areas. The good thing with these jackets is you do not have to match them up with anything else. They make their own statement.

The price

Your final decision will boil down to how much the jacket costs. Look around online and view the various options available before you buy the jacket. Having a budget in mind will act as a guide. You need to remember how often you will wear the jacket and pick a style that you can wear time and time again. Make the right choice and the cost per wear will make the investment worth it.

The outdoors is a great place to be, for both health and wellbeing. And having the right jacket will make that time out all the more enjoyable. These top tips are the main points to think about to ensure you select a great jacket that works for you and what you need.

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