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Tips to Help You Exude Confidence with Your Personal Style


Your personal style can do a lot to influence how you feel. How you feel can in turn affect how you present yourself to the world, whether that is personally or professionally. It’s never too late to analyse your style and see what’s working and what you could do to polish it up a bit. 

Here’s what you can do to give yourself the confidence boost you deserve by investing in your style. 

Streetstyle London by Sherion Mullings

Do a colour analysis

Don’t waste money on clothes with colours that don’t flatter you. You can get clarity about what colours will complement your features the most by doing a colour analysis or having a personal stylist do one for you. 

One popular methodology of doing this is to determine if you have a “spring”, “summer”, “autumn” or “winter” complexion. The seasonal colour analysis theory had its biggest moment in the 80s but has recently come back on the radar through TikTok. It involves figuring out if your skin’s undertones are warm or cool and how this comes together with your hair colour and eye colour. 

Once you’ve obtained this, you can get an idea of a colour palette to use as a guide when you’re shopping for new clothes and accessories. 

Find your personal style 

Everyone has a style they feel most comfortable in, but it can take some time to nail exactly what this is. You want the image you project to the world to be consistent. So find the style you vibe with the most. Research the different styles and fashion subcultures before you next go shopping.

This can save you time and money. Once you know, you’ll have more certainty of what to look for. This can save you time queuing at the changing rooms and reduce the chances of impulse buying pieces you won’t actually wear. 

One great idea is to trawl Pinterest and add outfits you like to a Pinterest board. Then analyse your choices, take a step back and see what category your style mainly slots into. 

Don’t be scared to invest

Invest in good quality, and you should find items last longer. You’ll look top-notch too, with carefully stitched quality materials that retain their shape longer. Whilst your initial payments may seem much higher, you’ll spend far less on replacing items as high-end clothes won’t be worn-out as quickly as their lower value counterparts.

Undergarments matter too, as these are the base your outfit will sit on! It’s wise to invest in a luxury bra that offers superior style, support and a shaping effect that makes your clothes sit better on your top half. This can help you feel confident and happy. 

Getting the right fit 

You’ll feel best in clothes that fit you well. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock an oversized hoodie or a short skirt if that’s your style. 

If you haven’t already figured out what your body shape is, do a little bit of research to find out (or work with a personal stylist). This will help you find out how to get clothes that fit right and flatter your figure. 

This is a principle that you can work with regardless of gender. Calculating your measurements is often a good way to work it out.

Practise self-care

Confidence is made up of lots of components! For you, it could be about taking up a new hobby, exercising more regularly or taking time to do skincare. Skincare is a particularly important aspect if make-up plays a key role in your personal style, as taking the proper steps and care to look after it can help your products lay better on your skin and provide a more flawless look.

Clarity about your personal style will go so far, but the people you surround yourself with and the habits you adopt also have a huge part to play. 

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