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Tips to Help You Afford a New Wardrobe


Whether your body has changed, or you simply want to restyle yourself, sometimes a new set of outfits can be at the top of your to-do list. However, buying new clothes can be costly, especially if you want to purchase outfits that are tailored to your unique body shape, or simply want to opt for quality garments. When this happens, it can be prudent to find ways to maximise your budget, without having to rely on credit or store cards that may cause you financial struggles in the future.

Transfer Your ISA

Different banks and building societies might have altering rates of interest for ISA accounts. This is why you should always stay in the loop in regards to current rates, to see which will benefit you the most. Using an ISA transfers guide, you can look into how the transfer process takes place (if you already have an ISA in place), and figure out which provider is likely to pay you more per pound, leaving you with more money at the end.

Over time, you will not only have your starting money, but also that much-needed boost on top, which can allow you more freedom of choice when you start shopping for those new outfits. Just be aware that you have to be patient with ISAs and increased cash isn’t 100% guaranteed. Do your research.

Shop the Sales

Whether you want to use high street stores, online fashion sites, or even some of the more up-market designers, it can always be useful to keep an eye on their sales. Some brands may inform you of what the previous and current prices may be but, if not, you can always use a percentage calculator to figure out what you will pay now, or what the price might have been before. Biding your time and waiting for sales may mean you miss out on buying some items but, when you are trying to save money, this can be preferable to paying full price for similar items.

At times, sale items may be seasonal, so you could always use them to stock up for the following season, such as buying knitwear in summer ready for winter, or swimwear in winter in preparation for the following summer.

Sign Up for Newsletters

While many marketing communications may simply try to tempt you into parting with your money, some can contain surprisingly good offers, as well as money off vouchers. When you figure out which stores you like to shop with, you can then subscribe to their newsletters on the off chance that you strike gold.

In addition to this, some companies may also email you extra vouchers or discount codes around holiday periods, or even birthday offers, so it can pay to have those emails sent to you.

Updating your wardrobe may be a costly feat, especially if you have a number of pieces on your shopping list, but that doesn’t mean you need to put yourself into debt. By altering the ways in which you save and shop, you can find the best ways of maximising your money, and finding some great new items, for a classier and more stylish you.

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