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Tips for Fashion Career Beginners


Whether it’s how they style themselves or the latest trends sweeping the industry, fashion is something which most young people have a passion for and therefore dream of a career in. However, the fashion industry is tough, and it can be incredibly hard to get noticed. But don’t worry, because that’s exactly why we’ve compiled a list of ways in which you can prepare for and help the beginning of your fashion career.

Have an Application they Can’t Say No To

Just like any other job, a career in fashion will begin with an application. However, when applying to fashion houses, designers or brands, it is important that you stand out and this can actually be achieved quite easily through your CV. CVs don’t have to be boring black and white text on a page, they can be colourful, funky and should catch the eye (as long as they’re appropriate!). Ensure that you personalise your CV and cover letter with the CV builder from LiveCareer to get the best chances at employment. It’s important that you sell yourself as a designer in your application, but try not to be too big-headed as you’re just starting out and don’t want to appear cocky.

Practice Your Fashion Skills

As with any job, it is vital that you are aware of and have practiced any skills necessary for the job. For a career in fashion, this might involve researching fashion trends of both the present and past, drawing detailed designs and sketching rough designs, as well as sewing or other practical skills. As these skills may need to be used every day in your career, it’s important that you prepare for this by being actively creative. Not only will your skills help you when you have started your career, but the more skills you can add to an application the more chances you have of being noticed. 

Uniqueness is Your Weapon

When growing up it can be easy to feel isolated for your uniqueness or weirdness as some school bullies would like to call it, but in the fashion industry uniqueness may just be your secret weapon to starting your career. If your clothes and designs are unique, they are far more likely to be noticed than other fashion designers who like to follow the trends. Plenty of high end fashion is extremely crazy and still does very well. The key is to design what you like and not to conform to other standards (as long as it’s not extremely offensive!), there’ll be someone out there who loves your uniqueness and can’t get enough of what you design.

Get as Much Experience as Possible

It’s important that you get the most experience as possible to not only impress future employers and ensure them that you know what you’re doing, but also to inform you on working life. It’s incredibly easy to walk into a job with unrealistic expectations and then realise that the job is not right for you. To ensure that you will love a fashion career, try to get some work experience in school or college, or possibly an internship.

It can be difficult applying for any dream job, but with the help of this article you will be sure that a career in fashion is not only right for you, but also know how to have the best chances of getting started in your dream career.

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