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Time’s Up on Throwaway Fashion


Known globally as a fashion powerhouse France is leading the way in government policy on throwaway fashion.

Earlier this month, 14th March 2024, L’Assemblée Nationale voted in favour of the bill that tackles low cost, throwaway fashion. The measures, which includes; penalties on garments that qualify as environmentally damaging and a ban on fast fashion advertising, has now been passed to the Senate for a further vote.

While the Senate still needs to approve there has been unanimous support from government and industry. Currently in the EU there are 16 pieces of legislation in work for all areas of the garment life cycle from chemicals used in recycling to textile production.

We may not be in the EU now but EU’s Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation will be fully implemented in 2025 and there will be clear guidance on recyclability, repairs, durability, chemicals etc. This legislation is setting a precedent and is going to come our way!

All EU countries will be required to launch textile collection programmes by 2025 whereby the destruction of unsold goods is going to be banned. This action is what we desperately need within the fashion sector to enforce much-needed sustainable practices.

This in turn marks a huge change for our glorious fashion industry in the UK. All EU countries will be required to launch textile collection programmes by 2025 and the destruction of unsold goods is expected to be banned.

Retailers are currently struggling to fulfil the requirements of CSRD. But by integrating ESG planning into the picture, meeting these reporting requirements will be eased.
This is one huge wake up call for all brands, retailers, etailers and it represents a major opportunity for ethical and sustainable factories here in the UK.

This is our time! Get ready!

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