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Three Underrated TV Shows You Need to Watch for Style Inspiration


Style inspiration comes from many places, but TV undoubtedly plays a huge role in our fashion choices. Whether you grew up idolising Rachel Green’s quintessential ‘90s Friends style or you’re loving Cassie Howard’s unique blend of feminine and laidback in Euphoria, we love taking style tips from our favourite characters.

But beyond the shows that are iconic for the outfits featured, where else can we draw our style inspiration from? There are plenty of shows that have been released in the past couple of years that have stunning fashion moments but don’t get the attention they deserve.

Here, we’ll cover three recent TV shows that are totally underrated when it comes to fashion.

The Flight Attendant

While Cassie’s flight attendant costume is infinitely more stylish and wearable than a lot of real-life uniforms, that’s not the standout fashion moment of the show. We found ourselves mesmerised by the stunning gold sequined wrap dress the starring character wears on the night out in Bangkok that results in a season-long murder mystery. The dress, paired with a big bouncy blow-out, oozed glamour and sophistication.

Beyond this gorgeous party outfit, we’re treated to a parade of stunning tailored coats, from Cassie’s classy belted leather trench coat to her sugary pink bouclé Isabel Marant number. Her brown slouchy tote bag completes every look perfectly. 

Cassie’s best friend, Annie, is also partial to a bouclé texture, throwing an oversized greige coat on for a look that’s put-together while embodying effortless New York chic. Both Annie and Cassie favour these voluminous shapes in their coats; Cassie goes for an effortless androgynous look in her knee-length grey wool coat, while Annie looks like she’s just walked off the catwalk in a huge burgundy Isabel Marant cocoon number that envelopes her.

We’ve never had so much coat envy when watching a TV show!

Ted Lasso

This upbeat comedy might be male-dominated, but that doesn’t mean the female characters don’t stand out – not only for their well-rounded personalities but also for their beautiful outfits. Keeley Jones is a strong, independent woman, but her style is classic WAG – think Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney at the 2006 World Cup. Her wardrobe is fun and flirty, filled with gold hoop earrings and an array of bright, faux-fur coats. Keeley has fun with her silhouettes, from the oversized gold bomber jacket she wears to Richmond games to puff-sleeve blouses, frilly pyjamas, and palazzo pants.

Rebecca, meanwhile, is the definition of a power dresser, wearing tailored dresses, shirt-and-skirt combos, and never leaving the house without her trusty Louboutin stilettos. Rebecca favours a more neutral palette and streamlined, structured silhouette, giving off an air of class, elegance, and affluence in equal measures. Both women wear real designer pieces, but in very different ways.

It’s not just the ladies whose fashion stands out in Ted Lasso – who could forget Jamie Tartt’s flowered tracksuit and “ICON” cap?


Pose is undoubtedly known for the ballroom looks of its characters, which are glitzy, outlandish, and awe-inspiring. But the day-to-day outfits worn by our favourite characters sometimes get overshadowed by the ballroom get-ups.

Season three of Pose, released in 2021, takes place in the 1990s, and we’re not short on iconic era-appropriate outfits that wouldn’t look out of place in today’s nostalgia-fanatical world. Bright and bold faux fur outfits take centre stage in the final season, from Elektra’s head-to-toe post-box red ensemble to Blanca’s softer pink PVC coat with oversized fur details. 

Beyond glitzy, glamorous outfits, we see day-to-day outfits that evolve from the in-your-face ‘80s street styles to a more sultry, but still boxy and sporty, ‘90s style. Fashion is used to visualise the characters’ rise through society; the season ends with a finally wealthy Elektra meeting Angel, Blanca, and Lulu for brunch in an upmarket establishment. Elektra and Angel are dripping in opulent jewels and muted colours, in contrast to Blanca’s purple cowboy boots, fringed top, and miniskirt and Lulu’s blue bodycon number. The latter two characters have remained closer to their roots and still look just as fierce. According to Steven Canals, this scene pays homage to Sex and the City, whose characters’ backgrounds couldn’t be more different to our Pose favourites.

Some of our favourite TV shows are as iconic for their fashion as they are for their characters and storylines. Social media challenges like TikTok’s #whatidwear have a heavy focus on a select number of these shows, including Friends, Gossip Girl, and Euphoria. But if you’re looking for some new TV style inspiration, we recommend checking out these three shows.

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