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Three Engagement Ring Trends for the Upcoming Year


Anengagement could be possibly be one of life’s most important moments – so choosing a piece of jewellery to reflect this can be a big decision. Not only does it need to be fine-tuned to the taste and preferences of the recipient, but also need to resonate with the partner.

An engagement ring is an emblem and a promise of everlasting love. With over 250,000 marriages taking place in the UK every year, selecting a ring that feels unique from the beginning is essential. Every jeweller, from High Street to independent includes an engagement range that combines styling details and gemstones that will wear and look good as the decades unfold.

Diamonds have been one of the most popular go-to engagement choices for centuries, but there are plenty of other mesmerising gemstones to choose from. Colourful gemstone engagement rings are building momentum but that’s not to say they’ve not been a popular choice in the past. Across the globe, celebrities have been spotted wearing coloured gems, including the likes of Megan Fox, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lopez. Even Catherine, Princess of Wales famously sports her dazzling sapphire ring at high-profile events and royal functions.

It’s become a growing trend that diamond rings don’t need to be the only option for an engagement. Other gemstone alternatives can be cheaper and still have that boldness and spark the classic diamond has. From shimmering sapphire to romantic ruby, we’ve covered a bit more about the three best diamond alternatives below… 

Top three engagement ring gemstones for Christmas 2023 and beyond

  1. Sapphire gemstone

The likes of Princess Diana and Victoria Beckham are among the big celebrity names that changed our views on the sapphire as an engagement ring for the better. Timeless and classy, a sapphire gemstone is certainly one way to impress any prospective newlywed. With impressive durability and stability through almost any environmental change, these gemstones are as alluring as they are long-lasting.

Deep, ocean blue might be the first colour that springs to mind when you think of sapphire, but the truth is that they come in almost every colour imaginable. Their versatility and uniqueness mean that sapphire makes a fantastic choice for those seeking an engagement ring that exudes elegance and style. 

  1. Ruby gemstone

Ruby and Sapphire make up part of the Corundum gem family, so they’re effectively siblings. They share many of the same characteristics, but the most significant difference is that rubies are rarer and typically harder to get hold of than sapphires.

If you’re certain that you’d like to buy a unique ruby ring, you might need to do some extensive research and planning. It’s always worth talking to dealers and high-end jewellers first to ensure that you’ll be buying the authentic article.

  1. Morganite gemstone

Morganite continues to dominate the popular scene for engagement rings. This playful, sparkling pink gemstone is a trendy [and cheaper] alternative to diamond, with many lovebirds admiring it for its feminine qualities and unassuming and beautiful appearance. With this gemstone, you can get a lot for your money. 

This gemstone was first discovered in 1910, all the way over on the Madagascan coast. It’s sometimes called ‘pink emerald’ due to its high quality and close relation to the emerald gem, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this is a soft gemstone. While it might look the part at fancy events and fresh out of the box, it might need careful maintenance to keep it looking pristine. 


Sapphire, ruby and morganite are our top three alternative engagement ring gemstones for the upcoming wedding season in the New Year. These are some of the few gemstones that are durable and can withstand long lasting wear. No matter which one you end up choosing, just make sure that you’ve done your research – including learning how to look after the ring to keep it looking new for the happy years to come. 

Intro image by Yaroslava Borz – Pexels.com

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