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All You Need To Know About Alexandrite Jewellery


Rarer than diamonds, alexandrite is among the most valuable gemstones in the world. Its beautiful colour and chameleon-like characteristics make it perfect for jewellery. This chrysoberyl is renowned for its amazing ability to change colour under various lighting situations.

But alexandrites aren’t the only chrysoberyls that change colour. What’s the distinction between the two? 

Alexandrite contains titanium, iron, and chromium impurities. Chromium and beryllium must be present in the same rock for alexandrite to form, but this is uncommon. This results in a highly dramatic and noticeable change of colour in alexandrite.

Alexandrite Quality Factors

Alexandrite quality is assessed using the traditional 4 Cs:

However, the most crucial aspect of its quality is the intensity of its colour change. It is more difficult to determine the gemstone’s value because it exhibits two different colours.


Typically, jewellery-grade alexandrite weighs less than one carat. Five-carat and larger gems are scarce. The size influences Alexandrite’s value, with a larger, higher-quality alexandrite costing much more.

There are two options if you want to buy an alexandrite on a budget. First, you can buy an alexandrite that is heavier, bigger, and less colour-changing. You get size but little of the stunning Alexandrite Effect. Second, you can choose a smaller one with a greater range of colour variation, sacrificing size.

You can also opt for Alexandrite created in a lab. Despite being produced artificially, synthetic stones have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as their natural counterparts. They are just as real as an alexandrite that has been mined.

When purchasing a synthetic alexandrite, be cautious that some sellers can attempt to pass off a synthetic sapphire as a synthetic alexandrite. Given the high cost of even synthetic alexandrite, merchants may attempt to deceive customers. Always check the reputation of the sellers you choose.

Colour and Color Change

The value of alexandrite is influenced by its capacity to change colours and tone, hue, and saturation. Colour changes in alexandrite can be as high as 100% or as low as 10%. The value increases with more clear colour changes.

Additionally, the gemstone’s colour change should have an intense saturation in its red and green hues.

The brightness of alexandrite should be neither so light that it lacks pure green and red colours nor so dark that it seems almost black.


Alexandrite is classified as a category 2 stone in the GIA clarity grading system, meaning it is frequently included. It simply signifies that few inclusions are anticipated, even in the finest alexandrite.

The inclusions in the gemstone sometimes cause chatoyancy, but this is a rarer and more precious quality. A white line glows in the centre of an alexandrite stone with a cabochon cut under light, producing the cat’s eye impression.


One of the most crucial aspects of a gemstone’s look is its cut. The cut makes the gemstone exhibit the strongest colour variation through the crown. Due to its scarcity, alexandrite is mostly cut to retain the most weight. It is typically seen in mixed cuts with brilliant-cut crowns and step-cut pavilions. Its most popular cuts include the oval and cushion cuts.

Benefits of Alexandrite

People have been fascinated with alexandrite stone since its discovery in the Ural Mountains. It has a variety of metaphysical qualities that can alter your life. These properties include:

Encourages Creativity

Alexandrite encourages inventiveness and can help you come up with original ideas. It is the ideal stone for authors, painters, and people who need assistance to spark their creative juices.For instance, donning alexandrite jewellery may aid in rekindling your imagination if you’re a painter struggling to complete your most recent work. You’ll have the motivation from the stone to keep going and complete the project.

Boosts Concentration

Alexandrite is renowned for its capacity to improve focus and concentration. In some cases, you only require a little assistance to maintain your attention on a job. Alexandrite enables more mental clarity and attention by opening the third eye chakra. This can be highly beneficial if you require extra concentration for a business endeavour.

Reduces the Risk of Blood Cancer

Alexandrite is thought to cause a decrease in cancer cells in your body and promote an increase in the number of healthy cells. Your body can regenerate and recover with less pain and quicker healing. It also speeds up the body’s ability to heal itself and lessen the effects of leukaemia after successful cell regeneration. 

One of nature’s magic lies behind the colour-changing property of alexandrite. The gemstone is not only stunning but has numerous benefits. Alexandrite is a wonderful choice if you’re creating a versatile and distinctive piece of jewellery.

Image Source: Pixabay

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