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The Rise of Men’s Jewellery


While men have always worn jewellery, it’s always been plainer and more understated compared to women’s versions. More recently though, men’s jewellery has taken a more genderless turn towards the extravagant. From celebrities on the red carpet to everyday men at home, bejewelled rings and beaded bracelets are becoming increasingly popular. 

But what exactly is driving the rise of men’s jewellery? And what styles are taking off in particular? This is our guide to men’s jewellery and how it has influenced global fashion trends. 

Image by Amusan John – Pexels.com

Celebrity trendsetters 

Male celebrities have become influential in redefining the role of jewellery in dressing to impress. Well-known names such as Timothee Chalamet, Justin Bieber, and Chris Pine are some of the greatest fashion icons on the planet and are paving the way with their outfit choices. 

Harry Styles is famous for his gender-bending, chic ensembles. The famous singer has ignited a passion for pearl necklaces and dangling earrings, which has seen exciting experimentation among male fashionistas. 

They don’t just wear expensive luxury brands and precious gemstones either. Celebrities are influencing everyday style with their Instagram posts while they are wearing stacks of beaded bracelets and casual pendant necklaces. 


As society becomes more comfortable with individualism, men are becoming bolder and more confident about expressing themselves. Men’s jewellery is now seen as an avenue to make a statement and reflect personal style, which is driving demand for this category. 

The casualisation of menswear and fluidity of gender roles are other big driving factors. Androgyny and gender-fluid fashion have more of a presence in mainstream media, making everyday men feel more comfortable in departing from conventionally gendered wardrobe options. 

If you’re not ready for a pearl earring or a diamond chain, there are plenty of ways to style men’s jewellery for the every day that are more subtle but equally stylish. Opt for a simple gold chain or go for a jewelled signet ring if you’re feeling a bit more daring. 

Type of jewellery styles 

Wedding rings 

Traditionally, men’s wedding rings have been simple bands of yellow gold or silver whilst it was women that boasted big jewels and eclectic designs. Now though, all the rules have changed. There are so many designs and finishes to choose from, including rose gold, titanium and black metal. 

More and more men are wearing engagement rings too as a form of expression and devotion. The likes of Brookyln Beckham and Ed Sheeran are just some famous names to follow in this trend. Male engagement rings can be a simple band or encrusted with diamonds and other popular jewels based on their personal taste. 


Men’s watches have always been a staple accessory but now more than ever are they featured in their outfits. The likes of OMEGA and Raymond Weil watches elevate every ensemble and are finding their way onto the wrists of celebrities and everyday men alike. Coming with many exciting strap options and high-tech features, timepieces are popular for adding some luxury and sophistication. 

Watches are a classic and they’ll likely never stop being a staple item in a man’s wardrobe. In many cases, these timepieces may have been handed down over generations or it’s a luxury item worth the luxury price due to the amount of wear it gets. 


Leather cuffs, stainless steel bangles, and stacked beads – there is no end to the choices available to men looking for a statement bracelet. They are perfect for the every day and for drawing attention when on an evening out. Depending on the style of the bracelet, these can be worn in business or casual environments. 

Image by Zack Jarosz – Pexels.com


Over the past seasons, we’ve seen chunky gold chains, strings of beads, and understated pendants. Necklaces with loads of bling can often be popular, but a simple chain also works effectively too. We’ve already mentioned the resurgence of pearls but loud and proud jewel-encrusted necklaces are also finding themselves popular in men’s fashion. 

There are fewer limitations for the modern man to express himself through his clothes and accessories. The market is seeing rapid growth as more men use jewellery as a form of self expression. It’s likely a trend that will continue to grow in the years to come. 

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