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The Power of the Mindset Workshop with Eric Gilston – 26th July


Eric Gilston is the author of “The Life Coach’s Toolbox – How To Help You Help Others TODAY”, which is an Amazon Best Seller. In this book, Eric shares with the readers all the key tools that he has used to resolve the many issues that his clients have had, and how he moved them forward to reach their true potential. He has been a Life Coach for the past 19 years, and worked in numerous schools, colleges, Universities and businesses, coaching students and business people of all ages and at all levels. He has also coached hundreds of individuals on a one-to-one basis, ranging from 10 year olds through to Judges, Headteachers and CEOs.

Eric enjoys running workshops in companies on a variety of Life Skills topics, and two months ago, in Madeira, he coached the whole sales team of an International Hotel Group on the subject of “Your Mindset”. After this success, he has been invited back in September to coach the whole Marketing team of the same Hotel Group on the same subject, as well as coaching the sales team again, but on four different life skill subjects.

On Friday 26th July, Eric will be running a two-hour workshop from 10am to 12pm in the Glassroom at Fashion Capital. The workshop is titled “The Power of the Mindset” and the key outcomes for those attending will be:-

· To understand the role your Mind plays on you daily.

· To learn some strategies to adopt daily and long term.

· To obtain some Top Tips.

· To see how Self-Talk can affect your life.

This is a free masterclass that aims to support and encourage on both a professional and personal level. To book your place click here.

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