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The Importance of a High Quality Catalogue in Fashion


Why a catalogue? Are they still necessary in this digital age? What do they bring and what are they made for?

Catalogues and look books represent strong marketing tools for a business to communicate with the potential customers and clients, as the volume of information and detail can be greater and they can relay the brands DNA. In general a catalogue will present an entire collection; starting with a brand intro, the products, prices and ending with contact details and stockists.

In the fashion industry every designer or brand understands the importance of producing a good quality catalogue. Nevertheless, collaborating with a high-quality printing company is a decision that needs to be taken carefully. And for a good reason: the colours, resolution and bleeding must be precise and show all the product details perfectly. There are many reasons why a high-end catalogue is still a great tool in this industry…

To present all pieces of a collection

When a collection is bought by different buyers / distributors, it does not mean that they intend to acquire every piece. Even a store, limited to a single brand name, may find itself missing some of core pieces, which might have been sold out in that location, or doesn’t fit with their core customer. Offering customers an updated collection presentation to browse through during their visit in store or grabbing it to take home will enable even the less mobile and digitalised ones to find their preferred pieces. Then, it only becomes a matter of buying them right away in the very same shop, they can be ordered from another location or bought online. Moreover, offering your returning and new customers a catalogue will give your business the professionalism and credibility most consumers expect and trust.

A picture is worth a thousand words

An e-mail with a link to your online catalogue can go unseen, quite often. Too many companies are trying to distribute their merchandise presentations via the internet, but not all receivers have time to browse through them. However, since less people send them printed catalogues these days, when they receive one, they might be surprised and curious about its content and the impact is greater than the digital version. Touching and feeling can produce a higher emotional reaction. Having the catalogue read in the comfort of their home or office develop memories which can remain linked to the products presented.

The quality of the pictures is extremely important. Suitable and interesting locations should be chosen, the hair style and the make up of the models is an eye-catcher for fashion fans. However, if the quality of the print is not satisfying or the pictures don’t invite you to want to see more, your effort and work might have been in vain and it can barely bring you close to your goal. So, do not hesitate to invest in quality which can create the best connection with your possible customer. Images created for your seasonal catalogue can also be utilised elsewhere such as marketing, your website and social media channels.

To be able to leave something behind

Selling a collection is a difficult task. Even when you are established, young and new names can come and dethrone you. Do not forget, just like in other industries, the concurrency in fashion is huge. The work involved is constant along with the need to use the best and most efficient elements to make yourself known and keep the standard high. You must gain as many customers / followers as you can and produce a strong and effective campaign to promote your brand and products. This cannot be done solely online, physical catalogues, flyers, or brochures traditionally printed can compliment a brands online offering and reach out to additional customers. They represent a brands professionalism and dedication and provide a perfect marketing opportunity to get the customer interested in other products from your collection.

A catalogue can tell a customer about your brand story, your DNA and ethics as well as introduce your new designs. A good and winning marketing strategy does not only make your products known but brings the brand in front of the right audience. Even if times have changed and almost every collection is present online, stay focused on your customers and give them the feeling of being exclusively treated, inspire, and attract them like they expect you to. Printed catalogues are still an important tool for fashion businesses, even in this era of e-commerce.

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