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The Fashion Fix – Dora Kelemen


At FashionCapital, we are advocates of all emerging designers who choose to create in a sustainable manner – a conscious concept which resonates with our ethical design practice at the garment factory in North London. This week’s focus is on Dora Kelemen, whose sustainable knitwear designs are making waves throughout the fashion industry.

Dora Kelemen is as an upcoming fashion designer whose aesthetics are characterised by knitwear techniques, albeit perhaps not in the most traditional sense that one would suppose. Through the study of structure, transparency, and architecture, Kelemen extracts inspiration from these means and creatively manipulates and constructs innovative garments that push the realms of knitwear possibilities, which ultimately result in unique pieces of modern, wearable art.

Conjuring a dynamic duality that is noted within her collections, the designer fuses feminine and straightforward silhouettes with straight lines and repetitive geometric patterns. Amid her latest collection, Envelope, Kelemen commingles flexible and light knitted fabrics with rigid and atypical forms.

With artistic backgrounds in Budapest and Paris, it has been these inspiring cities that have broadened her horizons and sculpted her outlook as a designer. Kelemen’s studies include graduating from Budapest’s Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design followed by transitioning to Paris, where she attained a French Government Scholarship and studied in Atelier Chardon Savard. Establishing herself as a knitwear designer at Véronique Leroy’s company, Kelemen embarked on her knitwear collection as an independent fashion designer and launched her debut collection in 2015.

Advocating against fast fashion production, Kelemen forever champions the fact that her designs are created using an ethical method, wherein her last collection, she selvages the leftovers of her yarn and reapplied it to her garments to construct something fresh and exciting.

With the ability to construct contemporary designs that hold an editorial edge while working with traditional practice, Dora Kelemen illustrates a creative dichotomy that is innovating and inspiring.

Dora Kelemen

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By Katie Farley

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