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^The Fashion Fix^ – A Decade of Change


As we close the door on the last ten years of fashion, it’s time to embrace an exciting new decade – but before 2020 emerges, let’s reflect on the moments that defined the 2010’s with the greatest moments, fashion brands, celebrities, trends and developments.

Icons and Influencers

The 2010’s presented a fresh era of empowering females who championed the feminist movement, subsequently going on to defined the decade. Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are amongst the names and of course, a new generation of royals hugely influenced the past ten years. Kate Middleton naturally led the way with an alluring array of outfits that sold out on the high street like no other, until Meghan Markle (Patron of Smart Works charity) rose to royal fame and according to the “Year In Fashion 2019” report, the Duchess of Sussex transpired as the most influential fashion icon of the year.

Trends that matter: Sustainability, Diversity and See Now Buy Now

The movement of “See Now Buy Now” was materialised after consumers demanded to purchase garments straight from the catwalks by buying directly via online shopping websites. In contrast to this, a heightened environmental awareness has risen with a colossal number of companies developing an amplified awareness of their obligation and engaging more regarding ecological manufacturing, supply chains and fabrications. Without a doubt, sustainable fashion has been the decade’s central influence, albeit, who could ignore the consumer desire for diversity and inclusivity throughout the industry. No longer do you only witness young, white, slim able-bodied models, but a diverse section of society. How very refreshing!

Defining Looks: Streetwear and Athleisure

A large number of trends are unveiled each and every season, so attempting to find a singular aesthetic that changed the face of fashion over the past decade is a challenge. However, no one could deny the biggest influence of them all: Streetwear and athleisure, trends that created the summit of an ever strongly “casualised” wardrobe. Over the decade, we saw Sneakers – clean and white then chunky and Dad-like. Yeezy, courtesy of Kanye West added considerably to athleisure, whilst other brands including Off-White, Supreme and Vetements largely boosted the trend’s following, with the help of Nike, Adidas and Balenciaga.

Until next time I wish you a Happy New Year! xoxo, Katie.

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