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The Fashion – Enter Team Take Time Out to Party!


Last weekend (25th & 26th September 2021) the Fashion-Enter London team headed over to Newtown, Powys in Wales to join their fellow Welsh team members for the annual staff get together. It’s been 1-year since Fashion-Enter opened the Welsh branch of the company and the weekend away provided the perfect opportunity for the entire company to get together and let their hair down!

On the coach to Wales
Beautiful Newtown

Leaving on Friday evening staff were encouraged to make the most of their weekend away and explore the natural beauty of the area. On Saturday evening the Elephant and Castle Hotel provided the perfect venue to party, staff enjoyed a live band, Zed’s Dead (with lead singer Simon Platt (pictured right), day job: Sourcing Director at ASOS) a hog roast and a DJ AKA Evolution Entertainment.

Aldo from the band said: Just wanted to say thank-you for your hospitality on Saturday. We really enjoyed playing for you and your colleagues, they were a good crowd for us. Thanks for having us and looking after us so well.”

Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway commented: “All work and no play makes work a hard slog. This is exactly why we had to have a party this weekend at Newtown. It was a great opportunity for the London factory to meet the Newtown factory and literally dance the night away.

“It was absolutely great to have such a big turnout from everyone and I know when the band played their last song every single person was on that dance floor strutting their stuff! It’s been a long time since I went to bed at 2 am in the morning but that didn’t compare to the die-hards of 4.30 am!

“Huge thank you to everyone at Elephant and Castle (especially Zara), the Band Zed’s Dead (absolutely got the place rocking), the DJ and Anwen for baking that special cake. It was a weekend to remember and it makes me personally so proud of the team we have.” 

It was my first visit to Wales and I was taken aback by the scenery on the journey down, Newtown itself is beautiful and the river walk in the sunshine was lovely.

“The Elephant and Castle Hotel was excellent as were their staff (special mention to Zara) and the delicious hog roast on the Saturday night. It was great getting to know my London colleagues out of office hours and our colleagues in Wales that I had only spoken to on the telephone. The entertainment on the Saturday night – DJ and band were absolutely superb – fabulous weekend!” – Steve Messenger.

“If you can remember anything about the party you weren’t really there!” – Eddie

“The drinks were flowing, we all danced like no-one was watching, the Elephant and Castle… well, actually Newtown, was literally bouncing! Fantastic company, hog roast and music to match. What a night! Not many of us can remember going home!” – Annabella Lewis.

“Mad Julie, I couldn’t stop myself from jumping around and dancing it was a fantastic night! Great disco and the band was awesome I even had a little head bang woo-hoo and the company on the dance floor was awesome – apart from the first dance when I was all on my lonesome waahh.” – Julie Lennon

Anwen’s amazing cake

“Excellent night, brilliant band and lovely food. Good company and had a great laugh. Shame I’m not a youngster anymore my legs don’t belong to me anymore. Stiff from the knees down. I think I pulled a muscle. I was like an 80-year-old getting out of bed next morning. Looking forward to the next time!” – Dawn Hamer

“Excellent night with brilliant band, lovely food and enjoyable company especially on the dance floor, but might have to get a new pair of legs. Will have to get some practice in for next party woohoo!” – Sheena Pugh.

“Fab night, good company, food and music. I even danced. Great to see everyone enjoying themselves and letting their hair down. Thank-you.” – Judith

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