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The Chunky Sneakers Trend Is Here To Stay


Dad sneakers. Chunky sneakers. Balenciaga trainers. Whichever one you’re rocking is still the right choice. See why the trend is still in.

Fashion got a big boost in the latter part of 2017, and we can thank Kanye and Adidas for it. Introduced as the Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner, this shoe trend has changed the industry.

And, we’re here for it. If you’re rocking chunky sneakers, keep them at the front of the closet. They’re trendy and they’re here to stay.

Known in some collegiate circles as the dad shoe, oversized sneakers fit almost any style. Jumpsuits and jeans, leggings and big t-shirts—they all vogue well with big sneaks.

If you’re considering riding this trend out, you need to read this. Whichever brand you’re rocking, here are a few more reasons why the trend is still in.

Animal Print

Animal print is one of the most versatile prints in style convention. And it proved it when it burst unto the fashion scene in the 1980s.

Now it’s taking chunky shoes by the collar and foxing and we’re here for it.

Zara’s Collection 19 animal print thick-soled sneaker will make you rethink frugality. These sneakers come in all white or black with pieces of animal print around the sides.

And if that’s not enough to whoo you, they splashed a bit on the heel too.

Leather and Satin Chunky Sneakers

Nike threw a sole in the ring to beat the competition and take dad shoes to the next level.

They succeeded with the M2K Techo. Picture the classic Nike shoe with a chunkier sole and sparkle. Now throw in some leather, mesh, and satin, and you’ll never look at your sandals the same. These lightweight sneakers come in both men’s and women’s styles.

And, you can purchase either for around the same price.


Balenciaga is one of the top influential brands, impacting runway, music, and department stores.

They joined the chunky sneaker trend by storming the scene with 9lbs worth of shoe fashion. The Triple S sneakers weigh in at 4.5lbs each. But they’re worth their weight in fashion.

Balenciaga designed the shoe with a triple-layered midsole. This gives the shoe its chunky appearance and weight. Some versions of the shoe come pre-scuffed to give them a worn look. This isn’t the only chunked-sole shoe from the fashion house either. Shop the Balenciaga collection on SSENSE for more looks of this style of shoe.

Chunky Trainer

In the early 80s, British and German military recruits wore Hi-Tec HTS74s. The shoes were widely used in training for army recruits.

This Hi-Tec brand shoe was also used by British athletes for outdoor sports. The brand made a chunky come back this year with a larger sole, styled with leather and suede.

2019’s version of the HTS74s is both high-fashion and built for comfort.

Dad Shoes Are Here to Stay

People want comfort and fashion. But what they also want most is to be a part of whatever contemporary trend is in.

Chunky sneakers are that trend. And from the frugal to high snobbery, almost everyone wants in on it. They’re willing to overspend for it too. Want to learn more about high fashion? Sign up for one of our Masterclasses for an introduction into the fashion industry.

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