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The Bureau: Transforming Fashion with 3D Avatars and Unwavering Support


FEL’s CEO Jenny Holloway met with Norv from The Bureau, an amazing modelling agency and wanted to share his inspirational vision.

‘I first properly met Norv at the Style3D conference and was genuinely blown away by his sincerity and genuine desire to have a modelling and photographic Bureau that really supports and looks after his models. Then he told me about his digital plans and my head exploded! Norv seriously understands the opportunities of the metaverse and has a team that is light years ahead of the competition! He sees a future where fashion is sustainable and has true ethics – this is a Bureau that is right for fashion today!’

The Bureau gives us an insight on their vision and how they support brands and models in the fashion industry…

Get ready to dive into the world of The Bureau, a trailblazing agency that’s all about pushing boundaries and making waves. We’re not your typical agency – we’re a creative powerhouse offering a diverse range of services that’s second to none. Whether you’re in need of Commercial or Fitting models that bring your ideas to life, or top-notch photography across the board, we’ve got you covered, right here in the buzz of central London.  

Why choose The Bureau? Because we believe in breaking down barriers. Our doors are wide open, and we mean it! No matter the size of your project or your budget, we’re excited to talk to you. We have a team of passionate professionals who are all about delivering not just good, but great experiences.

But don’t just take our word for it – our reviews say it all. We’ve left a trail of happy clients who can’t stop raving about our top-tier service and the incredible results we bring to the table. And guess what? Big brands like Burberry, Paul Smith, and Dunhill have put their trust in us, adding their names to our list of satisfied clients.

And here’s the exciting scoop: We’re about to launch a groundbreaking service that takes innovation to the next level. We’re scanning our models to create 3D Avatars with exact biometrics, that seamlessly integrate into pattern and design software. Now, your creative process can flow effortlessly between physical fittings and 3D production. It’s the future, and it’s happening at The Bureau.

Ready to take the next step? Our go-to person is Josie Pearson, the rockstar Agency Manager who knows the ins and outs of making things happen. Shoot her a message or give her a ring, and get ready to embark on a journey that’s all about turning imagination into reality. Check here

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