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The Benefits of Style3D for the Fashion Industry Today


The fashion industry is going through dramatic changes with the introduction of new technologies throughout every stage of the design, manufacture and marketing process.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, Style3D provides fashion with an end-to-end digital solution that seamlessly connects 3D product development, collaboration, showcasing and production.

Style3D is digital fashion software that combines pattern creation and 3D visualisation to allow for a seamless ‘concept to production’ pipeline. The zero waste design process and garment iterations enable testing fits and stress points on an avatar before making a real-world sample. It allows designers, marketers and consumers to see what a brand is looking to do and get involved in the design process through visualisation on social media. 

AI integration 

Effortless moodboard and concept creation with Style3D AI using prompts and image references. Style3D allows the user to build a full collection with AI, select small parts alter them and change the colourways, speeding up the initial design process. 

Tailored avatars 

Truly tailored avatars allow for accurately tailored garments. Style3D allows for 44 different measurement inputs from the height of an avatar to the knee circumference. When designing, the garment is based on the real world so designers can explore what is possible over the human figure. Each avatar has a pre-built skeleton which can be moved and posed in real-time with the cloth simulations active to see the movements of the garments and test if the patterns are correct. These avatars allow soft body simulation for realistic outcomes on the catwalk.

Pattern creation

Assyst vs pattern cutting 

Style3D’s Assyst technologies allow for digital pattern development and pattern cutting. The speed of digital pattern creation far exceeds that of physical. This can be done from scratch or using one of the base blocks already in the system. Simple-to-use editing tools, such as the pen tool and point edit tool assist in the creation of your patterns by letting the designer add internal lines and extensions which can be cut or just sewn together. This enables the creation of accurate digital samples without the use of actual materials while still having the exact properties of real-world fabrics. With a vast array of measurement tools and type inputs, every pattern piece can be exactly made to the size needed.

Fabric technologies     

V-Fabric material research and hardware enable customers to create real-world fabrics in the digital space allowing the designers to create garments that closely replicate the real-world chosen fabric and make sustainable choices through virtual simulation. This is done through 3D scanning and property testing within the V-fabric suite. Each fabric then gets a special QR code which can be scanned via a user’s phone showing detailed properties and visual examples of what the fabric is.

Fabric creation

Create digital fabric, or use the ones out of the marketplace to accurately simulate how the garment will fit and fabric will drape over the avatar. The fabric creation tools allow the designer to change every property of the fabric, with the warp and weft, gsm/weight and thickness of the fabric easily changeable by number input or arrows.

Graphic creation

Style3D allows for simple graphics and textures to provide all-over print graphics to be lined up perfectly and edited easily before printing straight from the software to direct-to-garment and direct-to-fabric printers. 


Export images and videos of virtual fashion shows or scenes with the animation editor. Combining marketplace movements with your own lets users make realistic adverts or any other marketing/test visualisations before a real-world sample of a garment has been made.

Pattern export 

The use cases for Style3D can go from design and visualisation to design and production. The patterns within Style3D can be turned into real-world printouts with seam allowance, notches and annotations added on. This can then be exported as a pdf or a dxf for print. This allows for at-home printing, plotting or direct-to-fabric printing and can be used for printing the pattern and texture straight onto fabric, ready for cutting and assembly.  

Use in industry

CG 3D fashion within CG is used for advertising and social media marketing. Games design and animated film creation. Style3D allows for:

Virtual clothing for characters

Virtual try-ons and augmented reality 

Pre-visualisation in film and television

Digital fashion shows and events

Concept art and visualisation

For fashion houses   

The production for garments can be wasteful and very time-consuming digital has been used within the industry, benefits of this include:

Reduced physical production

Virtual prototyping 

On-demand customisation     

Digital-only collections 

The Styleverse Innovation Center at Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Haringey unit is fully equipped with Style3D software, situated alongside FEL’s micro-factory, which includes Kornit Digital printing and Zund Digital cutting facilities, the addition of Style3D Assyst will push digital technology to the forefront of creative, sustainable and efficient fashion production.

If you are interested in learning how to use Style3D software Fashion-Enter Ltd holds monthly 3-day courses contact: education@fashion-enter.com to enquire.

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