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Texintel Podcast with Fashion – Enter CEO Jenny Holloway


Up and live is the latest Texintel Podcast where the CEO of Texintel, Debbie McKeegan talks at length with Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway. Recorded in June the pair discuss a wide range of industry topics including the affect Covid-19 has had on industry, the production of PPE, the rise of sustainable practises and implementing new technology in the form of Optitex.

The Texintel Talks podcast is 40-minutes long, to listen to the conversation please tap the link:



Debbie: “How do you think Covid will change the fashion industry for the better, what do you think we will learn out of this experience?”

Jenny: “Well, interestingly enough, I just read a BBC article about M&S and Steve Rowe the CE said that he would now look at the UK for seasonal merchandise. And I thought fantastic! Fantastic that people can now see the real benefits of making in the UK.”

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