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Talking Inflation on the Radio 4 Today Programme


This morning, 23rd March 2023, bright and early, Fashion-Enter Ltd’s CEO Jenny Holloway discussed inflation and rising costs across the board with presenter Sean Farrington.

The price of clothing and footwear has risen, overall, 8% in the year to February, and it’s 2.5% higher than it was in January. Sean asked if Jenny had seen these rising price pressures in recents weeks? Jenny responded that she had in recent months, rather than weeks, she went on to talk about the increases across lots of different factors, such as the electricity and gas. As an example 1 of her units had an electric and gas bill for £500 for 1 month and yesterday she discovered this bill for the same service and time period had gone up to £3,500.

Jenny also talked about the increases in the National Minimum Wage, material inflation and currency deprivation and described the current financial climate as “a bag of bad luck.”

However, despite all of this Jenny told Sean that she is expecting these rates to fall and she is keeping costs as tight as possible. She added that looking at the factory and what is being produced on the lines she can see vibrant colour and optimism, such as unique plisse designs for The Very Group, this signifies consumer confidence that things will improve.

To listen to Jenny on the Radio 4 Today show tap here and forward to 20:54. (Available for 29 days only) 

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