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Support and Advice: UK V’s Overseas Sourcing, Development and Production with Jackie Bertram


On Wednesday 22nd March 10am – 12pm Fashion-Enter Ltd was pleased to present its third free masterclass to Fashion Technology Academy learners as well as individuals online. This session was hosted by Fashion-Enter Ltd’s Deputy CEO Jackie Bertram and the topic focused on local and international sourcing.

Jackie discussed the pro’s and con’s of working with suppliers locally and further afield. She then clearly explained the production process, the criteria required when looking for a supplier, along with ethics and good practice. 

Based in Leicester with extensive experience in fashion production Jackie was able to advise on various places to source fabrics and suppliers. 

Later in the session she was joined by FEL’s Claire Solley, who talked about a new brands first port of call, the Fashion Studio, and  she explained all the services that they provide from firsts patterns and grading to full production.

The session rounded-off with questions from the attendees – these ranged from where to source certain types of fabric to getting initial patterns made up.

Feedback from the masterclass included:

“I learnt where to source different types of fabrics and about the services Fashion-Enter has to offer.”

“I learnt about sourcing and the best options for brand start ups.”

“I found out how and where to source materials and the importance of brand ethos and voice.”

“I learnt about textile industry manufacturers and product supply. Personally it was too much information, maybe keep it simple and then allow the people to take part by asking questions?”

“10 out of 10. Love it! Thank-you!”

The next free masterclass will take place next month, 26th April: 10 Strategies to Create an Ethical Brand from Yarn Sourcing to Works Rights’ with Caroline Ash.

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