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Style3D X FEL: Your Styleverse Innovation Center London is Officially Open!


Today – 28th September 2023, Style3D, in partnership with Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) officially opened the doors of its London based Styleverse Innovation Center.

Situated alongside FEL’s micro-factory, which includes Kornit Digital printing and Zund Digital cutting facilities, the addition of Style3D Assyst will push digital technology to the forefront of creative, sustainable and efficient fashion production.

Style3D Founder and CEO, Eric Liu, officially opened the Center to press in the morning, and the day is set to continue with afternoon and evening guests touring the Center and viewing demonstrations of what the impressive Style3D software can do.

Gee and Jasmin from FEL ready with goodie bags first thing this morning
Eric Liu, Style3D Founder & CEO opening the Center

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway commented: “Style3D creates a seamless flow from idea generation to final garment delivery which is easy to use for designers, garment technicians and buyers. It’s totally integrated, and the quality of the digital assets is amazing. It’s not often, in your career an innovation is truly created and the team at Fashion-Enter is honored to be representing Style3D for the UK and Europe. It’s time to create, sell and make efficiently and effectively.”

With Style3D there are over 5,000 digital assets that have full patterns available that can be manipulated with ease, plus a fabric studio that automatically scans in the properties of the fabric so it’s fit for purpose for the pattern and construction. This cuts out the need for physical sampling, saving time and textile waste and is just the beginning of a new and sustainable way forward for the fashion industry.

The Style3D team added: “We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil a monumental milestone for Style3D today – the grand opening of our pioneering Styleverse by Style3D Innovation Center in London with our visionary partners at Fashion-Enter Ltd. This sensational space represents a quantum leap into the future of fashion. Our ever-growing partnership with Fashion-Enter brings our shared vision to life – a world where technology and human creativity collide to revolutionize the industry.

“The Styleverse isn’t just the future – it’s a fashion revolution. This is just the first stitch in an incredible tapestry we’re weaving to reinvent this industry. Stay tuned as we continue unleashing the Styleverse, shocking and aweing from London and beyond. We’re beyond excited to welcome you into this brave new world of fashion. Step into the portal – the future awaits! A universe of infinite inspiration, creativity and style is at your fingertips.”

Eric and Jenny officially open the Center

With thanks to Eric Liu, Style3D Founder & CEO.

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