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Style3D To Launch New Styleverse Innovation Center with Fashion – Enter Ltd in London


Digital fashion pioneer Style3D is thrilled to announce the official launch of its new Styleverse Innovation Center, established in collaboration with leading ethical manufacturer and education provider Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL).

Located in FEL’s Haringey factory, the cutting-edge Styleverse Center will showcase Style3D’s immersive 3D technology and digital solutions that are reinventing the future of fashion. This unique partnership provides an industry-first, with FEL being the only private training provider in the UK that is industry ready with the latest technology for the digital age.

The Center will feature pioneering 3D design software, virtual sampling capabilities, digital asset management, immersive virtual customer experiences , 2D/3D connect to achieve manufacturing empowerment and AIGC capability in the fashion world.

“We are excited to launch the Styleverse Innovation Center, showcasing our commitment to push the boundaries of digital fashion,” said Style3D CEO Eric Liu. “As innovators in 3D technology, we will continue working with Fashion-Enter to demonstrate how digital tools can enable more sustainable, efficient and creative production.”

Courses have been compiled aimed at designers, buyers, garment technicians and students to maximise the benefits from the software. There are over 5,000 digital assets that have full patterns available that can be manipulated with ease, plus a fabric studio that automatically scans in the properties of the fabric so it’s fit for purpose for the pattern and construction. 

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway added: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Style3D to our Innovation Centre in Haringey. I have been in the industry for over 35-years and I know this system is a game changer for the fashion industry.

“Style3D creates a seamless flow from idea generation to final garment delivery which is easy to use for designers, garment technicians and buyers. It’s totally integrated, and the quality of the digital assets is amazing. It’s not often, in your career an innovation is truly created and the team at Fashion-Enter is honored to be representing Style3D for the UK and Europe. It’s time to create, sell and make efficiently and effectively.”

The official launch for the Styleverse by Style3D Innovation Center will take place on Thursday 28th September at Fashion-Enter Ltd, Haringey, North London.

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