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Style3D and Fashion – Enter Ltd Announce Strategic Partnership to Open Innovation and Training Center


On 23rd June 2023, Style3D, a global pioneer in digital fashion solutions, announced a strategic partnership with Fashion-Enter Ltd. This collaboration marks the birth of the first Styleverse Innovation Centre within Fashion-Enter’s Haringey factory in North London this summer and the launch of a specialised 3D design training facility.

The Styleverse Innovation Centre will feature immersive 3D-empowered customer experiences, showcasing how virtual environments can enhance not just the design process but also sales and marketing strategies. The center will offer an immersive 3D walkthrough, enabling a comprehensive view from fabric sourcing and showcase, 3D designs, collections review, and virtual stores experiences.

Beyond this, the Innovation Center will demonstrate digital asset optimization, illuminating how these tools can streamline workflows, increase productivity, and reduce costs. From 3D design files and virtual sampling to marketing assets and consumer experiences, every facet of the industry can benefit from optimised digital assets. Style3D demonstrations will focus on how every role within the fashion ecosystem, from retailers to buyers, can capitalise on 3D technology solutions, providing a holistic view of its potential impact on the fashion business.

Further amplifying the collaboration’s impact is the establishment of a dedicated training center. This facility aims to empower fashion professionals with the skills needed to fully leverage 3D technology and digital assets, ultimately enhancing accuracy, streamlining processes, and fostering industry-wide innovation.

“Style3D has always been at the forefront of digital fashion solutions. Our collaboration with Fashion-Enter Ltd brings together unparalleled technical expertise and a shared vision for a digitally-empowered future in fashion,” said Eric Liu, CEO of Style3D.

“At Fashion-Enter Ltd we take great pride is our standards of excellence for both quality manufacturing and delivery of skills. We have a unique team that is committed to excellence. Our team knows that the future of fashion must be sustainable, ethical and totally transparent and any quality way forward to reduce time, sampling and production for brands is our priority.

“We are often approached by companies to review products and software for digital transformations, and we often politely decline collaborations unless we know they are totally genuine and perform! This is why we delighted to confirm our collaboration with Style3D today. Our team was captivated with the technologies available for fabric uploads, quality of avatars, the digital assets available and the ease of use for a complete end to end system. We will be integrating Style3D into our Fashion Technology Academy which is leading the way forward for technical skills in fashion today. Style3D is the final piece in our portfolio for the fashion factory of the future.” said Jennifer Holloway, CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd.

The partnership aims to blend Style3D’s pioneering digital solutions with Fashion-Enter Ltd’s well-established industrial expertise. This collaborative initiative is set to revolutionize the industry by offering tangible and game-changing advantages, from reducing lead times and improving product quality, to enhancing creative processes and fostering sustainable practices.

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