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Style Staples All New Fashion Lines Should Have for Autumn


Starting a new fashion brand is a challenge. There are many competitors out there, and as a small-time boutique, you will be competing against massive fashion giants just as much as you will be competing against big fashion brands. The best way forward for you is to become the go-to store for all your customers’ needs. Being eclectic or offering truly unique items can work, but you can only realistically expect one sale per person.

That is why all fashion lines should have a few style staples. Tweak them, add something a little bit new, and market them alongside your more unique pieces. This will ground out your fashion line and give your customers more reasons to shop at your store again and again.

Top Style Staples to Have in Your Autumn Line

Having a few style staples in your autumn line is a great way to balance out your offerings and bring in more customers. Entice them with your unique aesthetic and encourage them to buy your more classic pieces in-store.

The Style Classics

Style classics include:

This list is not exhaustive or specific. If you specialise in creating dresses, work on adding a few pieces that can turn a summer dress into an autumn outfit, for example. If you focus on knitwear then consider adding a denim line, and so on. Work to round out your fashion line so that customers return.

Comfy Knitwear

Knitwear and winter go hand-in-hand, and if you can create a series of stunning, simple knits that go with everything, then you will have a great series in your autumn line. These can be designed in a way that complements your aesthetic as well. For example, if your fashion line is eccentric, then create universal knits in fun colours. Colour block, or add design features that look great next to your clothes, and stand out next to a minimal outfit.

Statement Outerwear

Statement outerwear is a must. It is often one of the items that people invest most in, as during the colder months it will end up being the most prominent feature of their outfit. You will want to take a mixture of trends and your own creativity to recreate the biggest trends, like how Lily Lulu Fashion has done for their puffer jacket range. Depending on your size, this might be just a few styles, but that will be enough to offer your customers a great, unique outerwear look that will keep them stylish season after season.

On-Trend Accessories

Last but never least, the accessories. You don’t need to have a lot of designs, but accessories are essential. They allow people who might be below your clothing line’s budget invest in your brand. They are how you can amplify your clothes, and how you can sell more. If you dress your mannequins with a fashionable set of accessories, chances are buyers will add those accessories onto their purchases.

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