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Stand Out this Winter with Must – Have Accessories and Wardrobe Basics


Despite the milder temperatures registered everywhere, the winter is here and unfolding in plain sight, which means that your old or new clothes will ask for freshly picked accessories and staples to make you look in style. Trends are everchanging, and so are tendencies in jewellery and adornments, whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist outfitter. 

Fashion moguls and experts have revealed the latest accessories and wardrobe basics crazes. Let’s cut it to the chase and discover the musts of the winter you cannot exclude from your accessory toolbox and how they can elevate your attire! 

Chunky chains

Chunking it up seems to be the season’s mantra if you look at Pinterest trends, fashion magazines, runways, and other fashion showcases. There are endless ways to wear a chunky chain to spruce up your apparel, whether you arrange them with coordinated statement earrings, scarves, massive bracelets, chockers, or delicate necklaces. You can even wear them independently and make a statement without putting in too much effort.

Suppose you’re looking for a maximalist look; then you can opt for extravagant, bold jewelry. Going all stacked up will make you look unique and creative and make curating your fit fun. Take your boldness game to the next level and put on some body chains that will make you remarkable in any room or event.

There are endless possibilities when you have some carefully chosen chunky chains and necklaces in your accessory toolbox, so don’t forget to put them on your to-buy list and let your creativity run free.


The backpack that was long ago associated with school outfits has long overcome this statute and inspired numerous fashion trends lately. It has become the new clutch for a ballroom event or the tight black dress for an opera attendance, a staple that can’t be missed in any wardrobe. However, things aren’t that simple. The magnitude of this stylish comeback has led to an overabundance of styles of backpacks on the market, such as black leather, coloured polyester, or sports canvas ones.

As personal expression is more encouraged than ever, this year and the coming trends will be all about showing your true colours. Whether you choose to go multicoloured with numerous nuances and prints, show off your fandom, or mix your fit with a one-of-a-kind item, there’s no outfit you can’t glam up with some Disney bags & backpacks by Loungefly within reach. Learn to master the art of patience and wear your true colours out because this season is all about making your point with unique and practical additions!

Colourful scarves

A colourful, patterned scarf is the express route to a ravaging look that makes you stand out in any room, regardless of what’s underneath. Feel like going out all black because you’re feeling moody or gloomy today, though you are anything but down to show it? Is a neutral outfit “too neutral” for your liking? There’s nothing you cannot accomplish in terms of speaking out your style with a bunch of hand-picked scarves within reach and neatly arranged so that you can choose the suitable one quickly when you’re in a rush. Making you look tidy regardless of how much time you’ve dedicated to putting up your outfit, these tricks can even serve as the foundation for when you lack creativity and ideas to craft a nice assortment. Just choose the colour, pattern, model, and texture you’d like and work your way up from there, adding pieces like a suitable jacket or jeans.

Scarves are lifesavers and will help you throw on any type of fit, making you look ready in 5 minutes like no other accessory can. This is how you can look dressed up even when you’re not!

Abstract earrings

Chunky, abstract, statement, artistic adornments for years are all the rage this season. They’ve been trendy in the summer, too, so if you’ve stashed up on unusually looking earrings, it’s not the moment to throw them at the bottom of your jewellery drawer or donate them because they’re holding strong.

The allure of such eye-grabbing pieces is that they come in all sorts of forms, sizes, weights, colours, and attachment structures, so your imagination is the only thing that can pose any difficulty in your fit glamming journey. Picture yourself with hexagonal hoops, triangular studs, irregular circles, dual-ended pearls, massive earrings, or any other glamorous ear adornments you may fancy.

From beaded hoops to artsy drops, your choice ultimately depends on your outfit’s style and wearing occasion, so take time to choose your best pick because it will catch every passerby’s eye and speak thousands of words on your behalf.

Fuzzy earmuffs

Fluffy earmuffs are an excellent alternative for hats and anything you may wear for a touch of style and extra warmth. Maintaining a fresh blowout intact with a pair of fuzzy ear warmers will relieve you in every possible way, knowing you look dressed even when you’re not dressed, cosy and confident in your personality, and assorted regardless of your outfit. They come in numerous nuances of colours, are easily findable, wearable, and carriable, and you don’t have to compromise on any other accessory you may want to wear because they work with pretty much any casual, street, or work style. Plus, you can wear them in your bag or large pockets when they’re out of use.

This easy trick will deliver a charming snow bunny aesthetic that takes your outfit from bland and lifeless to eye-grabbing in a second.


The Parisian style never really dies but actually gets reinvented every year. However, one piece that remains a staple and glams up any dainty outfit you’d curate is the beret or the element that contributes a touch of Parisian chic style to your daily outfits.

This is a trendy choice this winter season, too, having the public see more and more choices regarding materials and colours. You can opt for a leather, woolen, felt, or embellished beret and have them contrast the colours of your outfit to bring some wow effect and escape anonymity.

Traditionally, they’re not mixed or matched with outfits, opposing the body colours in your attire. But what you can do this year is choose your berets depending on the colour of shoes, bags, or other vital items to have the backbone of every day’s outfit on point.

So, how will you spruce up your fits now that you know what will steal the show this winter? 

Streetstyle images by Sherion Mullings and JoJo Iles

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