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SilkFred Blog – B of London: The Ethically Made Brand You Need to Know About


As fashion manufacturers for well-known brands such as ASOS, N Brown and Tesco F&F, along with designer labels it is fair to say we know a thing or two about making clothes. In fact we pride ourselves on being the only UK company that has a leading status in the ethical and technical Fast Forward audit and is also SMETA audited. Our team love well-made, quality garments that are made to last, so it was a no-brainer to create our own in-house brands. One of which, B of London, has recently seen phenomenal success with its latest designs, just dropped on SilkFred.com last week, topping the best seller list amongst hundreds of other brands.

In response Mary-Jane Wiltsher from SilkFred.com interviewed Fashion-Enter’s CEO Jenny Holloway to discuss the B of London brand and her company in general. Tap here to read the interview via the blog or read below… 

B of London: The Ethically Made Brand You Need to Know About

By Mary-Jane Wiltsher

‘Loved for its ethically-made contemporary womenswear, British brand B of London has sustainability credentials so big that it’s tricky to package them into a tidy bio.

Owned and produced by social enterprise Fashion Enter, B of London is a champion of Welsh wool suppliers, works with ethical factories that are fully audited, and boasts the only factory in the UK to have leading status in the Fast Forward Audit.

The brand’s new occasionwear collection brings together stunning pieces that can be worn all year round, from event-ready dresses to versatile jumpsuits. Designed in collaboration with SilkFred, the range comes in a mix of vibrant colours and prints, all made from stretchy jersey fabrics that flatter the body and give just the right amount of hold.

For the Fashion-Enter’s CEO, Jenny Holloway, an ex-senior buyer and former selector at Marks & Spencer, it’s all about creating something that the customer will enjoy wearing, with the confidence that she’s doing her bit for the environment too.

“We want our clients to feel absolutely wonderful in their garments from us and have the satisfaction of knowing that they have a whole team that’s committed to making fabulous pieces, all ethically made,” she says.

Easier said than done, you might think – and you’d be right, because B of London’s operation, which started life in 2019, has been thoughtfully reimagined over time.

“When we started, we realised that women’s body shapes are so different, that to make silk blouses and beautiful wool suits, you can only do this in a bespoke nature,” says Holloway. “That’s why we created The B of London. We wanted a more affordable option that still offers a perfect fit, in fabrics that are good quality.”

Today, the brand uses ethical printing methods and cutting techniques that allow them to work “with no minimal print runs, and therefore no waste”.  Each piece can be custom-made to order, using kind pigment inks and the minimal amount of water.

Their Welsh wool, made from fleeces that would otherwise be discarded by local sheep farmers, is blended with recycled yarns. “We’re at the stage of creating our first weave,” explains Holloway. “Fingers crossed that we can really bring back Welsh wool into commercial use!”

By contrast, the old means of production saw an average order size of 4000 units, many of which would end up in landfill. For Holloway, the challenges of switching to a made-to-order system have always been worth it.

“It took us years to get the factory right,” she explains. “We lost money for three years and could have easily cut corners and made a quick buck, but I just couldn’t do that. For me, foundations that are deep and ethical are the only way forward.”

Against a backdrop of press headlines calling out the fashion industry for bad sweatshop factory practices and greenwashing, B of London has flourished, their sales growing enough to open a second factory in Wales.

“We’ve had some really lovely feedback from clients – one great email we had was from a bride who bought four of the Ava dress! The wedding photos are stunning,” says Holloway.

What about the future? Well, for the moment, B of London’s team are putting their energies into a brand-new edit, but their plans are worldwide.

“We’re looking at prints at the moment, working closely with the amazing team at SilkFred on a new 12-piece collection,” explains Holloway. “Long-term, we want to be global. The big dream is to have a photo shoot in Mexico and take the entire team with us.”

From the sheep farms of rural Wales to the shores of Mexico, B of London is a brand that knows its vision and doesn’t compromise on quality or style.

Tap here to view B of London styles on SilkFred.com

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