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Seamstresses and Designers Now Able to Advertise Through eBay


Exciting and innovative news has been announced surrounding eBay and a new launch that will naturally assist businesses associated with the fashion industry…

On 14th June, eBay Advertising soft launched a ‘Local Services Ads’, a brand new outcome with the intention to assist local service organisations influence a fresh customer base and cultivate their business. This transpires as the platforms original proposal – targeting service firms, that is the first of its kind in the UK, with Germany additionally piloting the product this month.

For example, and in relation to fashion, take into consideration designers, seamstresses, pattern-cutters and other industry services – any businesses have the opportunity to now illustrate their services in front of their local communities. This concept especially could be a fundamental advertising tool for upcoming fashion brands and auxiliary interconnected fashion businesses.

A very likely scenario could entail somebody purchasing a vintage piece or second-hand item of clothing – once bought, services such as seamstresses and dry cleaners will be on display to encourage the consumer to consider these accompanying amenities at that time of purchasing or indeed at a later date. This innovative scheme will, therefore, introduce a new kind of shopping behaviour and will present brand start-ups to one of the world’s largest retail audiences, with 171 million active buyers.

Not only will this soft launch be a great method to attain widespread awareness for small business and local services, it additionally acts as a significant and intelligent decision for eBay, in relation to accelerating their platform for customers to discover services and products simultaneously.

The man responsible for the creation of the project, Bert Bassett, deciphers: “eBay wants to become a marketplace for services as well as products – and we think that this is a great place to start. Our Local Services Ads will particularly help small service-based businesses to use our inventory to target local, relevant customers. And crucially, we’re helping them reach users when they’re already in a buying mood, and when we know they’re in the market for a particular service, to deliver maximum ROI.”

Businesses will have the ability to use eBay Local Service Ads simply by creating an account on the ebaylocalservices.com website. Users can upload their own ads, select their target audience, choose a product category and select keywords, add their location as well as opting where they would prefer their advert to be located on eBay’s website. Additional assistance arrives in the form of detailed FAQ, tutorial videos and webinars.

A welcoming £50 discount is offered on first-time orders over £70 courtesy of eBay Advertising. Trades can take advantage of the discount by applying the promo code ‘JUNE50’, valid until 20th June 2018.

By Katie Farley

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